Free Antique Appraisal -- Davy Crocket Sterling Silver Spoon souvenir engraved Elpaso Texas

Submitted by: Michael
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this is a very tiny spoon it weighs only 5.8 grams and is 3 6/8 in long the spoon has DAVY CROCKETT in raised letters on the thin area above the bowl. then the date 1836 across the handle and above that where the thum would go when eating there is an raised detailed image of Davy crockett holding his rifle. The image is not ON the thum area but it is a silouett of davy very very detailed. this spoon looks to be about 1900-1910 but could be earlier or la little it later.. on the back is simply the word "Sterling" with no hallmarkings

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Michael,

Your souvenir spoon is from 1909 and is worth $15-20 dollars. Here's one that sold recently for $15 dollars:

Davy Crockett souvenir spoon from 1909

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