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Hi Tim, I came across your website and was especially thrilled to see the free appraisal section! I wanted to submit my Japanese Kobe Automaton wood toy but the photos I have of it are only on my iPhone w/ the only option being "e-mail photo to" so that's what I'm doing! And lucky you, yours was the name shown on the "contact us" page! Can u help? Thx much! Delighted nu member, Lesley M. Scottsdale, AZ

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Hey Lesley!

Very cool toy, you don't see Japanese Kobe automation toys in the U.S. very often. They also can sell with some premium prices too. I would say your Japanese Kobe automation toy is worth upwards of $900 dollars or more.

Here's a similar toy that sold for $1125 dollars:

Japanese Kobe toy -- Musicians riding in a cart

Here are a couple more examples:

Antique Wooden Kobe Toy

Antique Japanese Kobe toy from 1900

Remember, condition is everything with antiques and antique toys. If your Kobe automation toy is in working condition, that would affect the price too.

Thanks for sharing and I'm sorry it took so long for the free appraisal.

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