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Submitted by: Michelle
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2 Stoves, The first one is a Round Oak and the second one is in rough shape and I dont know anything about it. Thank you, hope for a quick reply!

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Michelle,

Your round oak antique stove appears to be from 1917-1924:

Road Oak Stove Timeline

Your round oak antique stove is worth $900-1000 dollars. It appears that the FINIAL is missing from the top of the stove, so that might take away from its value.

Here's a very similar 1917 round oak stove with its finial that sold for $1000 dollars:

1917 round oak stove

As far as the other stove, since it needs total restoration I would give it a value of $100-150 dollars.

I hope the reply was quick enough :)

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