Free Antique Appraisal -- 2} Capo Di Monte Four Musician Lamps w/shades , African-American

Submitted by: Sbayl
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These were bought used about 35 years ago . Same owner since . Work perfect . No scratches , cracks , chips , burrs and the lamp itself still has the shine . Same shades . Excellent shape . These lamps look brand new to me . Been to numerous sites and have personally stopped by several businesses trying to get an appraisal . there was such a gap between the low and the high quotes that I started to not believe everyone . A friend told me to check this site out and see what happens . Here I am ! I am going to go by the appraisal I get from y'all . I'm done ! Thank you for your time and expertise !

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Estimated Value submitted by Becky

Hi Sbayl,

Capo-di-monte is a buyer beware market. Most any Capo-di-monte that you see for sale today is a style of Capo-di-monte. In my research I have found that most people do not state that when selling. A buyer should look for the backstamp that indicates the figure's pedigree. I have not seen the crown that is on your piece. The crown on a original is much less detailed. The Capo-di-monte style can sell between $50 to $500 depending on the quality of porcelain, detail of artwork etc. I would estimate your lamp between $150 to $300. One similar sold in 2007 for $50 one in 2011 for $151.38 another earlier this year for $270. The value does seem to be increasing. Keep in mind the asking price is just that, the actual selling price is much less.  

Here is a link that tells a little about the history:

Hope this helps.


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