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Submitted by: Robby
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vintage miller time pool table light vintage spud mckenzie lighted sign with party hat and baloons and streamers in background Pre 1930 barbers chair

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Estimated Value submitted by Becky

Hi Robby,

Without seeing pictures of your items in questions I can only give you a wide range estimate.

There are many designs for the Miller Time pool table light but most are selling between $30 to $230

Below are a few examples:


Your Spuds McKenzie lighted sign is worth $40 to $90. There is one up for auction now asking price $165

The actual selling price is much less. In 12/2007 one sold for $79.99 another in 3/2011 for $49.99

Your Antique Barbers Chair can sell for as little as $100 and as high as $4,500 depending on the brand name and the condition.

Below are some examples:

Hope this helps.


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