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Submitted by: Cathy
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This stove was my Dads pride and joy. He acquired it at an auction when I was very young. I used to sit in the basement and watch him work on it. He passed away almost ten years ago and Ive owned it ever since. I have no interest in selling it, Im just curious as to any information I can get on it ( what year it was made, any local ties and approximate value)...its priceless to me for obvious sentimental reasons. It says Olive Stove Works Rochester, Pa in the largest section on the front. It says Olive Oak on the smallest front door and has a #14 on the top. All pieces are here and it is in very good condition, no rust or wear and tear.

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Cathy,

Parlor stoves typically sell in the $450-700 dollar range.   Here are some example so similar stoves that have sold in the past:

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