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Two posters in excellent condition. Both are framed. Both are 48" by 60". One is a picture of a peacock, advertising Cognac Jacquet. The second is, I believe, a Meneure, with a fashionable gent in a top hat drinking champagne while a Victorian-era French lady sits on a swing: "Trianon allons-y" I believe they're roiginal, ca. 1890.

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Chris,

How do you know that they are original art work?

If your posters are originals and not reproductions, then they're worth around $1100-2300 dollars a piece.  However, many people sell these framed posters, here's a reproduction Cognac Jacques poster for sale for $600 dollars:

Here's an original 1907 Cognac Jacques poster for sale for $1250 dollars:

and here's an original 1898 Jardin du Trianon, Allons-y poster:

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