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I just received five dessert plates that say Nippon with some kind of logo that looks like a leaf above it, and the words Hand Painted to the right of it. They look to be dessert plates and are gold rimmed with a pink rose design. Wondering how much they could be worth, and if they are really Nippon.

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Antique Nippon porcelain is very collectible but there are many fakes out there.  Here's a great page explaining how to help identify modern Nippon porcelain:

The modern Nippon producers have been making fakes since the 1970s, so even modern Nippon porcelain can be 30-40 years old.  You seem to have the \\\"Maple Leaf Nippon" mark which dates back to 1891 and was usually found in green, blue or magenta.  The original antique markers marked was normally around 1/4" high.  Known fake Maple leaf backstamps are roughly 1/2" high.  

As far as value, Nippon porcelain values are based on rarity and the quality of the piece.  I would say your Nippon porcelain plates are worth around $5-10 dollars a piece.

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