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Submitted by: Kelly
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Hillcrock Pottery by Mary & Edwin Scheir, Glade Spring Va., 1939? 5.75" tall, Pitcher shape w/ handle Decorated, both sides Etched Flower arrangement, 3 flowers in a pot. Hand painted in 2 Shades of blue & brown, beige background.

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Kelly,

Art prices are very subjective, however, the pottery of the late Mary and Edwin Scheier was top notch and very valued in the pottery community.  I've seen plates that have sold for as little as $40 dollars and bowls in the range of $750-850 dollars.

The value of your Scheier pottery would depend on the style and finding a buyer who just falls in love with it.  Mary and Edwin made pottery from 1939 to their deaths in 2007 & 2008.  Unless your piece is marked with the year, it could be made anytime in that range.

Sight unseen I would estimate your Scheier pitcher shaped pottery is worth between $750-1250 dollars.

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