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Submitted by: sarah
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Hi We found a Betsy Ross salad maker under my boyfriends sink and we were just curious to find out any information about it because I havent been able to locate ie on the internet at all!! Any informatin would be great and we would like to find oout if we should hld on to it if it could be worth something!

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Sarah,

I saw the appraisal you received on instappraisal.  I'd have to agree with Lovejoy, although your Betsy Ross salad maker is pretty unique, its not worth more than $10 or 20 dollars.  I would say your Betsy Ross salad maker is from the late 1970s, given the theme of the piece.

Thanks for sharing!  You do have a unique collectible, unfortunately, it's probably not worth too much.

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