Free Antique Appraisal -- unusual griffin / mythical beast tri footed peacock blue large tureen ceramic plus ladel

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hi there, I have this unusual large soup tureen and matching ladle but I know nothing about it. Id love an appraisal or any info you could help me on with your professional thoughts. thanks so much in advance! Its round, 14" x 9" high 3 footed ceramic pottery, no idea what kind. white on the inside and bottom of feet. vibrant peacock blue glaze very tiny crazing, faint too. only a couple tiny chips, not very noticeable. one is on the inside lip. the ladle has been repaired, looks like a clean break in the middle. 3 winged mythological creatures adorn the outside. no idea what type of beasts they are, look like griffins. appears to be a makers mark embedded on bottom...a W or M, or V in a circle. possibly some very faint black lettering off to the side but I cant make it out or really tell if it is a word. no idea of era, country of origin, value or maker. please help, i love this thing & cant wait to find out more! :) thanks so much for your time!

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