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I bought this blade being told it was a nazi era boot knife. After searching for hours it looks more like a german solingen knife. Its definitely old. Also had 'Bob Herrmann' inscribed on the blade. Any ideas on what exactly I have and about what its value is?

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It might be a Solingen, here are a couple of very similar knives:

Vintage Antique Solingen Bowie WWII era knife

Antique Knife 40 years old Germany Solingen Leather handle

However, the two examples above are almost identical to each other but yours is slightly different.  The handle stripes are different and your blade looks sharpened on both sides.  Knives with blades sharpened on both sides are called daggers, which I believe is what you have. 

As far as value, its only a guess because I could find the exact same dagger, but I would say your German dagger is worth between $20-50 dollars.

I hope this information helps and thanks for sharing your dagger.

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Yes sorry for the confusion, it is in fact sharpened on both ends making it a dagger. I cant find any identifying markings anywhere on the knife. Has Solengen ever made daggers, and would there be a hidden makers branding or mark anywhere on the dagger?

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