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Submitted by: samantha
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I have 4 various handcrafted old fashioned sheffield pweter tankard beer mugs all in good condition, all of which have engraved symbols on and 1 glass beer mug with silver lid that says made in germany, again in good condition, and an engraved symbol inside the lid. One of the pweter mugs has a lion as tha handle and one of them is a F.A. CUP WINNERS, F.A. CUP FINAL 1891,the dates are from 1872 to 1977.

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Samantha,

Your sheffield pewter tankard beer mugs are worth $25-100 dollars a piece.  Here are some examples of similar tankard's selling in the past:

Rare 1835 pewter tankard

vintage english pewter tankard

1870 Pewter quart tankard mug

Antique pewter tankard hand engraved

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