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Recently acquired this Ansonia clock. From what i can find from research I think its around the 1880 period. The body is made of cast iron. It's the original white paint. Everything on it is original. The clock it's self does not work. There is nothing inside the clock. The dial and picture underneath I believe are porcelain. It's a really cool display piece and thought it may have some value when i started reading about it. Help this rookie!

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In better condition your 1880-1925 Ansonia clock might be worth a lot more, but it appears someone has painted it and you'd need to get the clock movement replaced.  In its present condition, I would say your clock is worth around $75-100 dollars.

Here's a similar clock that has not been modified:

Fantastic 1885 Brass Porcelain Ansonia Antique Clock that sold for $173 dollars

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