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Submitted by: RobBH
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Made in Occupied Japan stamped in red on bottom of both items. Colonial man and colonial woman, china/ceramic wall hangings (because of the small holes made in the upper back), appear to be made to stick ornamental flowers or what-not into the top, NOT matches. Items measure approx. 4"h, 2 3/4" w, 1 1/4" deep.

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Rob,

Your Made in Occupied japan petite wall hangings are worth between $10-12 dollars.  Here are numerous examples of same pair selling in that price range in the past:

Occupied Japan Bisque wall pockets

Set of two Occupied Japna wall hangers

2 Occupied Japan wall pockets Man and woman

Small victorian lady Occupied Japan wall pocket

Occupied Japan wall pockets vintage man woman pair

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