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I have an 1850's tremuea style mirror 31 1/4 in. by 9 1/2 inches with signed by artist oil portrait exquisitely done louis the xvi style woman in a dress of gold and pink. oil on canvas is approx. 11 1/2 x 7 1/2 in. Hand carved simple design cherry or maple ? wooden frame, with bow style ornamental decor on top. One appraiser I had taken it to previously (4 years ago) could only give approx. date. She could not give accurate appraisal without locating the artist and place of origin. An EXPERT EXMINER COULD CLEARLY AND DEFINATELY DECIPHER ARTIST SIGNATURE.

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Estimated Value submitted by Tim

Hi Patrice,

Oil paintings from this period and style normally range in value between $400-5000 dollars, so even without knowing the exact artist and place of origin, your painting probably falls within that range. 

However, art is very subject to opinion and if you're serious about selling your painting, your best bet would be an antique auction house.  Antique collectors willing to pay the highest dollar frequent these auctions and the auction house would help you set a fair starting bid.

Thanks for sharing, its a wonderful painting.

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