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I found some very old Civil War era 3 tined forks among many other items in a house I idea of the worth. I don't see where I can add a photo, so sorry...but I have 5 small wooden handled, and 4 larger wooden handled forks...also one that looks and feels like it may be bone or perhaps ivory.

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Hi Elizabeth,

Very cool cutlery!  Anything from the civil war era is just great to see!

Unfortunately, your civil war era cutlery isn't worth a great deal of money.  They typically sell in the $5-6 dollars range for each fork.  So you have about $50 dollars worth of civil war forks.  Here's almost the exact same fork with a knife that sold for $10 dollars:

Three tine bone handle fork and knife with ebony inlay

and here are some additional civil war era forks that sold in that price range:

Antique civil war era 3 tine fork

Antique civil war cutlery

Antique civil war 3 prong forks

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