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Stained Glass Window 1870 Anton Ostertag mansion: Could be the work of someone famous or very early stained glass brought over from Germany. Louis Comfort Tifany 1848 - 1933 John La Farge 1835 - 1910 The Carriage and Wagon-making intere sts of the city are represented by J. C. McCully, Sixth street; J. J. Potter, on Main street, carriage makers, and George & J. Ostertag, in the wagon-making line. In th e aggregate they employ thirty-six men, and sell wagons and carriages to the amount of $40,000. The pioneer in the wagon, plow and buggy trade was Anton Ostertag, who commenced business in Atchison in 1870. The firm now occupy commodious quarters near the corner of Seventh and Commercial streets. Ostertag, George 1836-1914 Born: 09-Aug-1836 in Wittenberg, Germany Died: 1914 Immigrated: Nov-1853 Son of Anton Ostertag (1808-1863) and Katherine Bermeister (1810-1840) Husband of Marie Ottilia Welte Residences: Wittenberg, Germany Williamstown, New York Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Atchison, Kansas beginning 1859

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