World War II Antiques Price Guide

We owe a debt of gratitude to anyone who served or had family members that served in World War II! Obvioulsy, some of these World War II antiques are priceless, but these pages will serve as a guide if you're looking to buy or sell world war II antiques.

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Antique Piano Rolls - Lot of 35 - Hymns, World War II & Christmas 40's&50's Completed 31.55
World War II, Rare Antique Japanese Navy Saura Keiki 1940s Ship Gimbal Compass Completed 1.25
~*~ESTATE FIND~*~ Vintage World War II Era Astro Compass Completed 63.00
Rare Very Old Antique WWII American Collection 1943 World War II Coin Gift Lot Completed 7.50
Vintage large antique WWII World War II MILITARY ALPINA mens watch ... NR Completed 32.20
Vintage antique WWII World War II MILITARY DOXA mens watch ... NR Completed 64.00
Vintage GOLD FD antique WWII World War II Military Lady GRUEN PAN-AM watch NR Completed 158.05

[First Page] 184 Showing page 185 of 185 pages   

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