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Dining Chairs

Antique American oak dining chairs, antique dining room furniture, antique chairs, oak chairs, antique dining chairs. A fine set of 6 American oak dining room chairs. Each chairs with nicely detailed and ergononically shaped crests, above traditional spindle backs and shaped wooded seats. All original,circa 1895. Chair height 40", seat height 18".Shop for the finest in American 19th Century furniture. Antique dining chairs, antique chairs.    


Rare Oak Library Chair

Rare Oak Library Chair Made By Augustus Eliaers, Boston. This Most Unusual Chairs Converts into Steps as Shown in the Photos. It is discussed in "Innovative Furniture in Amercia" by Thomas Hanks, Pages 173 - 175. A Similiar Chair is also Shown in "Styles of American Furniture" by Eileen and Richard Dubrow, Page 40. The Front has Ball in Claw Feet and the Top Crest has a Carved Head on Each Side. Old fabric. One arm has a small repair. Circa: 1860 Dimensions: 40"H (Chair) x 24"W Finish: Fair Original Price: $5650.00   


Lion Face Oak Dining Chairs

Great Set of Carved Lion Face Oak Dining Chairs with Two Large Host Chairs and Four Side Chairs. Notice How Intricately Carved the Crests Are and the Fine Detail to the Armchairs. This is a Very Elegant Set of Chairs! Some frames loose and the upholstery is old. Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 46.5"H x 26"W x 23"D - Armchair 42"H x 19"W x 19"D - Sidechair Finish: Fair Original Price: $4350.00 - Set of Six   


Extra Large Size Oak Desk Chair

Fancy solid quartered oak extra large size desk or vanity chair. The back is taller than most such chairs and features extensive carvings and a fancy design. The seat is shaped and the curved front legs end in claw feet. This chair has a crusty finish. The buyer might wish to have it refinished to match a particular desk or vanity.Circa: 1900Dimensions: 48"H x 20.5"WFinish: Fair originalPrice: $895.00   


Vintage Oak Childs Chair and Chenile Chairpad

Vintage oak childs chair with vintage chenile chair pad. Nice, sturdy solid oak chair; well-made. Has some stain spills on chair, (you can likely rub those out with a fine stainless steel pad, or just leave as is). This is as is, as found, the stain was there when purchased. Perfect if you have an antique childs desk or just want to use as an accept piece.    


Fantastic Carved Quartered Oak Hall Chairs

Fantastic solid quartered oak hall chairs. These chairs havewonderful open carved crests featuring a bottom wreath supporting a shieldwith two dancing lions. Dolphin heads are carved on each side of the top.The back of the chair has an unusual raised middle with intricate opencarving on both sides. The chairs have solid seats with shaped carved legs,turned stretchers and claw feet. These chairs exhibit superior carvingsand style!Circa: 1890Dimensions: 55.5"H x 24"W x 20.5"DFinish: Good originalPrice: $3995.00 for the pair   


Documented Rosewood Belter Slipper Chair

Victorian Laminated Rosewood Open Pierced CarvedSlipper Chair by John Henry Belter. The chair has a beautiful floral crest with roses,fruit, petal flowers, and grapes. There is a large grape cluster in the center with acornsand oak leaves on the undulating back. This slipper chair features a serpentine seat and delicately carved cabriole legs. The fabric is old and the chairs finish has the originaldark old varnish and patina. This special chair is fully illustratedon pages 56 and 57 of "The Furniture of John Henry Belter and the RococoRevival" by Marvin D. Schwartz.Circa: 1850Dimensions: 37 1/2" H x 18 1/2" W x 17" DFinish: Good originalPrice: $3850.00   


Set of 6 19th Century French Antique Dining Chairs

This is a handsome set of 6 dining chairs handmade from solid oak at the beginning of the 19th century, each with tall ladder-back upon the square seat supported by a pair of baluster legs connected to the straight back legs by H-shaped stretcher, providing stability and sturdiness. Note minor scratches and dents here and there due to the age. Circa date 1800. Dimensions: 43 1/8"(height) x 18 "(seat height) x 18"(wide) x 14 "(depth)   


American Oak Standing Mercantile Desk

American Victorian furniture, American oak furniture, American Arts and Crafts furniture, American mercantile desk, antique thread cabinet, antique stand-up desk.Victorian American Oak Standing Mercantile Desk, late 19th century, the lift top with inset writing surface (the exterior felt surface now lacking), over two banks of two drawers. h. 40-3/4", w. 29-3/4", d. 21". Shop laurelridgeantiques for great American oak desk and other fine American antique furniture.   


American Oak Dressing Table

Antique American furniture, antique dressing tables, 19th century American furniture, American oak furniture.A fine American oak dressing table with a central shield-shaped mirror flanked with a pair of smaller with swing-out mirrors. The triple-drawer base above delicate cabriole legs is accented by a pair of upper glove-box drawers. Original beveled mirrors and hardware. Circa 1895.American oak dresser, oak dresser, antique dresser. Shop for fine turn-of-the-century American furniture shop   


Oak Music or File Cabinet

We used this as a file in our house but no longer have a usefor it. It is a very fine quality quartered oak swing out cabinet that wasmost likely used for sheet music. It has a push bottom brass lockingmechanism for the doors. The tiger oak grain - even in the interior - isspectacular. A very attractive and handy piece of oak furniture!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 40"H x 18.5"W x 15.5"DFinish: Good original finish with vibrant quartered oak grainPrice: $1395.00   


Paneled Oak Lift Top Trunk

American Victorian furniture, Antique American oak furniture, antique oak furniture, antique trunk.American Late Victorian Paneled Oak Lift-Top Storage Trunk, 4th quarter 19th century, the top with three raised panels and the front with three additional raised panels, raised on short square legs, h. 19", w. 38-1/2", d. 20".Shop for the finest in antique American furniture of the 19th century.   


Oak Prie Dieu

Victorian Oak Prie Dieu, Victorian antique furniture, Victorian furniture, antique bedroom furniture.Oak prie dieu with a Gothic paneled back. Height 38", width 18 1/2", seat 15"x14".Shop for exceptional American antique furniture.   


Carved Standing Bird Oak Pedestal

Fabulous oak pedestal. The solid quartered rectangular oaktop has a rounded edge and cut corners. The base features two fully carvedstanding birds on either side of the central post. They are skillfullyrendered with full plumes on their heads, open carved beaks, carved featherson the surface, individual detailed wings, and claw feet. This is a rareform to find in oak!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 36"H x 20"W x 14"D (top)Finish: Good originalPrice: $4500.00   


Unusual oak curio cabinet with deep carving

Unusual oak curio cabinet with deep carving on sides and front.The top crest features carved flowers. The glasses on the front and sidesare outlined in a lovely curved and shaped carved pattern. There are threeoak shelves in the interior. One of the fancier oak curio cabinets you aregoing to find! Circa: 1870Dimensions: 64"H x 33.5"W x 14"DFinish: Refinished in the pastPrice: $3850.00   


Unusual quartered oak music box stand

Unusual oak three drawer quartered oak music box stand withraised panels on the sides and back and great cast brass original knobs.The curved legs end in claw feet. This is the perfect table for your oakmusic box!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 30"H x 30"W x 27.5"DFinish: Good originalPrice: $2350.00   


25.1298 Rococo Revival curved oak sideboard with detailed hunt s

Rococo Revival curved oak sideboard with detailed hunt scenes. This will convert beautifully into a nice front bar (as is). If the color is too dark, we are willing to refinish it in a lighter oak color to satisfy a color match. This piece is not American and it is very traditional for the Europeans to finish their oak pieces darker than the golden oak of Americana.   


Ladies Tiger Oak Desk

Wonderful Ladies tiger oak desk. This tiger oak (tiger oak is the oak with the most grain and expensive to secure) is not only on the front but on the sides, top and inside where the drop front for writing is located. It has two small drawers on each side of a center cubbie hole. Wonderful piece if you want a desk that is small for an area in your home or small office. Shipping to be done by truck, cost to be determined.   


Great large quartered oak halltree

For the collector of oak furniture - this is the right model!A great large quartered oak halltree with shaped beveled mirror, wide curvedarms, a lift bench, heavily carved top, claw feet and original double metalhooks. A beauty! There are a couple of minor splits in some of thejoints.Circa: 1900Dimensions: 87"H x 51"W x 19.5"DFinish: Good originalPrice: $6500.00   


Most unusual oak bench

Most unusual oak bench. This piece is decorated with numerousfancy turned spindles under the seat, arms and a double row in back. Thereare also ram heads carved in the back and at the ends of each arm. Thebuyer might wish to have a thin cushion made for the seat. This is a mostunusual piece for the collector of oak furniture!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 43.5"H x 45"L x 23"DFinish: Good originalPrice: $2950.00   


Stylish Victorian oak music cabinet

Stylish Victorian oak music cabinet with polished brassgallery. The top half round door swings down and has a fancy chip carvedfront. The bottom cupboard opens to the right and has two raised panels onthe door. The interiors have shelves and slats. The bun feet have beenreplaced. True Victorian pieces of oak furniture are fairly scarce!Circa: 1880Dimensions: 40"H x 22.5"W x 15"DFinish: Top has been refinished the rest is excellent original finishPrice: $2350.00   


Solid quartered oak china closet

Fine quality solid quartered oak china closet with serpentine shaped glass front and bowed sides. There is a rope molding under the top. Carved heads rest at the top of ornate carved columns on each side of the front door. The cabinet has large carved feet in front. Four solid oak shelves are in the interior with mirrors behind each. There is some minor loss to the molding surrounding the left side glass (see photo)Circa: 1900Dimensions: 68"H x 46.5"W x 19.5"DFinish: Good originalPrice: $4950.00   


Quality solid quartered oak library table

Fine quality solid quartered oak library table. The top hasan intricately carved edge and lovely tiger grain. The skirt has appliedcarvings on all four sides and a drawer in the front with two original brasspulls. The graceful cabriole legs have grapes carved at the top and clawfeet. A beautiful oak table!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 31.5"H x 48"W x 27Finish: RefinishedPrice: $3450.00    


Oak Karpen Figural Pedestal

Intricately carved oak pedestal made by Karpen, Chicago. Thetop has an intricately carved edge. It is held up by a full figured seminude man with a cloth around his waist. The platform is fluted and carvedand is supported by three claw feet. This is one of the better pedestals ofthis type we have had. They are unusual in oak!Circa: 1910Dimensions: 42"H x 15"DiameterFinish: RefinishedPrice: $3250.00   


Horner oak small size china closet

Fine quality solid quartered oak small size china closet. This piece features a lovely carved peaked crest, curved glass with carving over the front door, columns down the front, mirrored back, four original quartered oak shelves, and claw feet. This piece is attributed to R J Horner NYC.Dimensions: 63.5"H x 45.5"W x 20.5"DFinish: Good OriginalPrice: $3250.00   


Unusual style quartered oak vanity

Unusual style quartered oak vanity with heart shaped beveledmirror. The front has a long concaved center drawer and two bowed cabinetson each side. The mirror is held on by a scissor mechanism that allows theuser to tilt it from side to side and raise it up and down. A rare piecefor the oak collectorCirca: 1900Dimensions: 58.5"H (as shown) x 35"L x 19"DFinish: Refinished by previous ownerPrice: $2950.00   


Small size quartered oak china closet

Beautiful small size quartered oak china closet with fourshelves and back all in oak. This piece features a lovely curved top withcarving and beaded moldings. The front glass and curved side glasses areframed by an intricate carved molding. The cabinet rests on four large bunfeet. There is some discoloration on the curved sides of the cabinet as shown inthe photo.Circa: 1900Dimensions: 66.5"H x 42"W x 15.5"DFinish: RefinishedPrice: $2750.00   


Quartered Oak Hanging Hat Rack

Fabulous Quartered Oak Hanging Hat Rack with Half Round Bevelled Mirror. There is a Fancy Nickel Plated Brass Border Around the Edge and Fancy Lion Medallions in the Top Corners. This is a Wonderful Very Heavy Oak Accessory. Much of the original nickel plating is worn and there are some flaws in the mirror silvering. Circa:1900 Dimensions: 20"H x 29.5"W Finish: Good Original Price: $2650.00   


Solid Quartered Oak Carved Library Table

Fancy solid quartered oak library table. This table has a rope turned edge to the top surface. The skirt is curved with carvings in the corners and a drawer in front with an ornate carved pull. Notice that the drawer interior is also quartered oak (see photo). The table has carved legs and curved stretcher. The legs end in large claw feet. A great table-desk for a computer!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 29.5"H x 42"W x 28"DFinish: Fair originalPrice: $2450.00   


Unusual Size Oak Curio Cabinet

Unusual Small Size Claw Foot Oak Curio Cabinet with Bowed Glass Front and Sides. Very Good Quality-Even the Back Panels are Quartered Oak. Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 54.5"H x 35"W x 15"D Finish: Refinished Price: $2350.00   


Quartered oak china closet

Quartered oak china closet with bowed glass sides and frontand claw feet. There are three oak shelves and one glass one. Two mirrorsare behind the top shelf. This piece has very nice tiger grain.Circa: 1900Dimensions: 64"H x 43"L x 17"WFinish: Good originalPrice: $1850.00   


Quartered Oak Oval Coffee Table

Refinished Quartered Oak Oval Coffee Table with three cylindricalpillars holding up the solid oak top. Base has a platform with four curled feet. This table has been cut down to make a very functional pretty coffee table. We also have a plate glass top.Circa: 1900Dimensions: 20"H x 46"W x 26"DFinish: RefinishedPrice: $1795.00   


"Macey" quartered oak bookcase

Three section signed "Macey" quartered oak bookcase with acurved drawer in the base. This is a better constructed model than mostsectional bookcases in that the interiors and backs of each section arequartered oak. One section has three small holes drilled in the back.Notice the ball in claw feet!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 50"H x 34"W x 12"DFinish: Good originalPrice: $1295.00   


Rare Oak Owl Umbrella or Cane Holder

Rare Oak Owl Umbrella or Cane Holder with the originalbrass shaped holder and drip pan. The carved owl is perched and holdingthe base of the stand (all carved with fancy notching). This is the firsttime we have seen this whimsical form in turn of the century oak!Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 32" H x 13 1/2 " W x 11" W Finish: Cleaned by previous owner Price: $1195.00   


Oval Mirrored Oak Princess Vanity

Dainty solid quartered oak princess vanity with lovely ovalbeveled glass mirror (some normal cloudiness to the mirror). The curvedfront features two bowed front drawers on either side. It has delicatecabriole shaped legs. The tiger oak grain on this piece is spectacular!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 65"H x 38"W x 18"DFinish: Very good original finishPrice: $1195.00   


Quartered Oak One Drawer Drop Leaf Stand

Fine quality solid quartered oak one drawer drop leaf stand.It has an original brass pull on the drawer and shaped reeded legs. A goodfunctional piece of turn of the century oak!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 28.5"H x 18"W (closed) x 19.5"DFinish: Excellent originalPrice: $1150.00   


Stick and Ball Oak Stand

Fine quality three tiered solid oak stand. There are ropetwist legs on the top with sausage turned legs on the bottom. There isfancy stick and ball work between the legs. There are splayed claw feet onthe bottom. There is mild staining on the quartered oak top and shelves(see photos).Circa: 1900Dimensions: 33"H x 20"W x 20"DFinish: Good original finish with some minor variations in the color on topand shelvesPrice: $895.00   


Fierce Face Oak Chair

Fierce Face Oak Vanity or Desk Chair with a very deeply carved griffin face with furrowed brow, glaring eyes, and open mouth with a tongue that goes down the whole length of the back! The seat is shaped with fine quartered graining. The legs are gracefully tapered with a rounded center stretcher. The back is nicely finished showing more fine tiger oak grain. Quite a whimsical example of someones imagination from a century ago! Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 42 1/2" H x 15 1/2" W x 17" D Finish: Excellent original Price: $895.00   


Fancy Aesthetic Style Oak Plant Stand

Fancy little Aesthetic style Victorian oak plant stand. Thispiece features a quartered oak top and a number of fine turnings.Circa: 1890Dimensions: 33.5"H x 16.5"W x 16"DFinish: Good originalPrice: $895.00   


Paine Vibrant Quartered Oak tanble

Vibrant Quartered Oak beautifully carved round top coffee table with huge bulbous twisted legs, finely shaped centercross stretcher, and large ribbed urn turnings. The table retains itsoriginal paper label that reads "Paine Furniture Company, Boston, Mass."(Table was cut down by previous owner.) Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 19" H x 38" W x 38" D Finish: Refinished Price: $1895.00   


Signed Paine Delicate Oak Server

Delicate Quartered Oak Shaped Server with lower drawer andcurved backsplash. The legs are long and tapered. The finish is the good originalvarnish with a slight small ring on the right surface top. The original paper label is inremarkable shape and gives the address for "Paine Furniture Company, Boston, Mass."A cute piece with a multitude of uses!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 39" H x 34" W x 16" DFinish: Good originalPrice: $845.00   


Solid quartered oak crystal china cabinet

Fantastic solid quartered oak crystal china cabinet. The tophas an original carved oak leaf crest. The finials on the sides arereplaced. The top section has three beveled glass sides and three glassshelves (shelves are replaced). The sides feature both reeding and ropeturnings. The bottom drawer arrangement is unusual with one drawer over twoover three. There is a central carving on the bottom drawer. The drawershave the original fancy cast brass hardware. The cabinet rests on twomassive carved oak feet in front. A rare form of oak of superb quality!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 83"H x 42"W x 20.5"DFinish: Excellent originalPrice: $7450.00   


Macey Oak sectional stacking oak leaded door bookcase c1900

Macey Oak sectional stacking oak leaded door bookcase c1900.They are also called Barrister bookcases. This Victorian oak bookcase is made of four sections, each stacks on top of one another and locks in for a strong fit. This bookcase was made from solid American oak and measures 59 inches high, 34 and one half inches wide, 9 and one have inches deep at three sections and 14 and one half inches deep at the bottom section. Three sections are 10 and one half inches high and the other one is 14 and one half inches high. Retains all its original beveled clear leaded glass. The doors retract and slide out of the way easily. Shipping extra. Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut add 6% state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes,tariffs or customs that might apply.   


Majestic Round Oak Dining Table

Majestic Round Oak Dining Table with Rare Figurehead Maidens Supporting the Top, Beautifully Carved Scrolled Foot Platform Base, and Center Leg with Three Original12" Leaves. Note: The Quality of Carving on the Maidens Faces and Detail to the Flowing Hair and Garments. Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 29.5"H x 60" (Diameter) Finish: Good Original Price: $12,500.00   


Most Rare Oak Etagere Cabinet

Most Rare Oak Etagere Cabinet with Gorgeous Floral Carved Crest, Six Original Bevelled Mirrors, Fine Carvings, Ornate Spindles, and Bevelled Glass Two Door Bookcase Base. Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 87"H x 61"W x 14"D Finish: Good Original Price: $11,750.00   


Horner quartered oak china closet

Great quartered oak china closet with a serpentine glass front door and mirrored back. This large sized closet features fully carved cherubs under a carved top frieze. The cherubs sit on a curved carved protrusion. There are large carved feet in the front of the cabinet. We attribute this piece to R J Horner, NYC.Circa: 1900Dimensions: 67.5"H x 53"W x 20"DFinish: Good Dark OriginalPrice: $9950.00   


Solid quartered oak corner china closet

Great quality solid quartered oak corner china closet Thispiece features two curved beveled glass doors in both the top and bottomsections. In the middle is a recessed area with two beveled mirrors andvery fancy cutout fretwork supports with a turned spindle. The cornice topof the cabinet has applied buttons and fluting and the cabinet has threeclaw feet in front.Circa: 1900Dimensions: 78"H x 26" Back corner to frontFinish: Good originalPrice: $6950.00   


Solid quartered oak square dining room table

Outstanding quality carved solid quartered oak square dining room table that extends to 169" when all ten original leaves are inserted! There are five massive shaped legs with carvings and huge feet. A curved skirt is decorated by a carving at each corner. We seldom find tables that can extend to such a large amountCirca: 1900Dimensions: 30.5"H x 54"W x 54"DFinish: RefinishedPrice: $6950.00   


Magnificent quartered oak china cabinet

Magnificent quartered oak china cabinet with serpentine shapedsides and a bowed glass front. The top has a lovely carved portion with ahead in the middle. The full reeded columns have carved capitals on top andcarving at the bottom. The cabinet sits on four carved claw feet. It hasfour original wooded shelves and a mirrored back. There is some minorveneer divots and cracks on the top left side (see photo).Circa: 1900Dimensions: 70"H x 56"W x 22"DFinish: Fair originalPrice: $6750.00   


Quartered Oak Veneer Top Dining Table

Quartered Oak Veneer Top Dining Table with an Exceptional Carved Split Pedestal Claw Foot Base and Three Original Leaves. (Note: The leaves do not have the carved edge that the table has.) This Table has a Wonderful Look in Person. Opens to 96" Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 30"H x 54" Diameter Finish: Refinished Price: $6450.00   


Oak Side by Side Secretary

One of the Best Quartered Oak Side by Side Secretaries We Have Had! This has Carving on Cupboard Door and Desk Lid. The Gallery is Great with a Bowed Glass Curio Cabinet on the Left and a Shaped Bevelled Glass Mirror on the Right Side. Notice the Fancy Curved Spindled Decorative Railing on the Shaped Shelves. Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 79.5"H x 48"W x 15"D Finish: Refinished Price: $6250.00   


Oak Flat Top Desk

Description: Handsome Oak Chippendale Style Well Carved Flat Top Desk with False Drawer Fronts on One Side and Full Drawers on the Other. Exceptionally Well Carved with Rope Edge Top, Acanthus Carved Knees, Ball in Claw Feet, Shaped Drawer Fronts with Original Brass Hardware, and Fine Birdseye Maple Interiors. Two small spots on the top are filled. Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 31"H x 50"W x 34"D Finish: Refinished Price: $5950.00   


Solid quartered oak china cabinet

Most unusual solid quartered oak china cabinet with mirroredback and four glass shelves. The surface under the top is curved with thefront being nicely carved. The sides of the door are beautifully carvedwith dolphins and leaves. The cabinet rests on claw feet. Notice thevibrant tiger grain!Circa: 1900Dimensions: 64"H x 48"W x 17"DFinish: Good originalPrice: $5500.00   


Large and wide quartered oak halltree

Large and wide quartered oak halltree with beautifullycarved scrolled crest and top pediment, all original fourdouble hat hooks, and original shaped beveled mirror in remarkable condition.This halltree also features a fine quarter grain in the center with more scroll carvings, shaped arms,lift seat, and side umbrella holder (no base pan). A very handsome anduseful halltree in remarkable mint original condition!Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 88" H x 52" W x 18" D Finish: Excellent OriginalPrice: $5350.00   


Oak Two Door Bookcase

Quartered Oak Two Door Bookcase with Fancy Bevelled Mirrored Gallery, Rope Twist Side Columns, and Claw Feet. Circa: 1900 Dimensions: 74"H x 47"W x 17"D Finish: Refinished Price: $4950.00   


American Oak Library Table, Laurel Ridge

American Oak Library Table, American Antique furniture, antique office furniture. A single drawer, pillar supported oval writing table terminating on scrolled feet: the deep apron of beautiful figured, cross-banded tigers eye oak veneers. Width 38", depth 26", height 30". American antique office furniture and library furniture. Shop for the finest in American antique furniture.   


Library Table

Arts and Crafts furniture, Oak library table, Antique American oak furniture, American antique furniture. A beautifully detailed American Oak Library Table from the Arts and Craft period. Height 29", length 46", depth 23". Shop for the finest in antique American library and office furniture.   


English Furniture oak lowboy

English Oak Lowboy, with slipper foot,in original condition. Minor repairs to the foot in respect to its origin.It retains its original finish and hardware.The top is made of two solid oak board that is slightly separated due to shrinkage.Very nice patination that enhances the character and creates a special personality. England early 19th Century. Condition: Wery good    


19th C. American Oak Conference Suite

American oak conference suite w/carved legs, gold tooled green leather writing top, drawers and fancy curved ends. Matching green leather oak arm chairs have leaf carved details. THIS SET IS GREAT.   


American Oak Sideboard

Wonderful American oak sideboard; Late 19th Century; with extensive carving in original finish; quarter sawn or tiger oak.   


Antique Sherer Oak Seed Bean Counter Cabinet General

Antique Sherer Oak Seed Bean Counter Cabinet. Old General Store counter. Make great Kitchen Islands. This is the little sister to another cabinet we have in our store. This measures 72"Long x 32"Wide x 33"Tall. On wheels. Has 8 drawers in back for storage. Has 4 drawers in front with 3 glass panes each for total of 12 display areas. Absolutely great item found Northwest of Ashland, Nebraska. Check out the other counter too!   


Antique Round Oak Table Refinished

This is a american oak round table that we have refinished the top and painted the base.It can be seen at our Aurura Antique Pavilion location in Edmonds Wa.It is in very good condition and would look good in any home.   


Ornate Oak Curved Glass China Cabinet

The dimensions of the cabinit are: H: 62" in the middle with adding the mirror in the back it is 73" tall H: 56 1/2" on either side (where the shelves are) W: 58" There are 3 numbers on the back on the cabinet engraved in the wood: 172 (Other than that I could not find any other markings).


Period Antique English oak lowboy C1790

Period Antique English oak lowboy, This antique "English lowboy" dates from the late 18th century and is made from oak. This period "lowboy" has lovely lines and is a wonderful size at 31 and one quarter inches wide,20 and one half inches deep and 28 and one half inches high. The case is 18 inches by 25 and one eighth inches. Very good original condition. Shipping extra. Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut add 6% state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes,tariffs or customs that might apply.   


47.3149 Heavily carved American oak conferenc

Heavily carved oak conference table w/racetrack border and fully skirted leaves. Price includes restoration. This very large table can be used in the conference room or dining room. When refinished it will be given a nice American golden oak color, unless we are asked to keep it dark.   


Oak Quarter Sawed 5 Legged Dinning Table

Oak Quarter Sawed 5 Legged Dinning Table 44 3/4 inches square. This table does not have any extra leaves, but will pull apart far enough to add additional leaves made. It is in excellent condition and beautiful carved edging.   


Quartered Sawed Large Oak Buffet

Quartered Sawed Large Oak Buffet, measures 5 feet tall and 39 1/4 inches wide. Two drawers on top, then one long drawer and 2 doors, stores a lot.   


Oak double bed with matching washstand

This is a beautiful set Oak spoon carved high double bed measuring 71 inches high back, bottom measures 31 inches tall. Washstand measures 33 1/2 tall to backsplash, top 32 inches, one long drawer, 2 short drawers, and 1 pull open hinged door.   


Paine Arts and Crafts quarter sewn oak double door bookcase

Paine Arts and Crafts quarter sewn oak double door bookcase. This wonderful bookcase was made by the Paine furniture company in Boston Mass. from solid oak. The entire piece was made with through mortise and pin construction. C1905 to1915. Measures 49 inches high, 46 inches wide and 13 inches deep. The shelves on both sides are adjustable. Excellent condition. Original finish. Shipping extra. Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut add 6% state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes,tariffs or customs that might apply.   


Set of four matching hand carved oak frames c 1885

Set of four matching hand carved oak frames c 1885. This set of four matching Victorian oak frames retain their original finish and gold leaf inserts. The carving is integral, not applied. Each frame measures 10 inches by 13 inches outside to outside and will take a 6 and one half by 9 and one half inch print. Shipping extra. Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut add 6% state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes,tariffs or customs that might apply.   


American Primitive Cradle,Laurel Ridge

American antique furniture, 19th Century antiques. A fine handmade cradle of Central Texas provenance, constructed of Guadalupe River black walnut, oak and long leaf pine. Entirely original condition, including original long leaf pine slats. Circa 1840. Laurel Ridge antique furniture. American antiques, American furniture, antique cradles. SHOP OUR ENTIRE ONLINE CATALOG at   





Monumental American Oak Sideboard

Monumental American oak sideboard with rare Queen Victoria head on crest, triple beveled mirror back, parquet inlaid top, game and fruit carvings, and 3 marble insert work areas    


Fabulous Oak Inlaid Cylinder Bookcase.

Fabulous Oak Inlaid Cylinder Bookcase.   


Brunswick "Phister" oak poo

Brunswick "Phister" oak pool table. $17,500 c. 1890 This table is being reshot so that a better photo will be available. However, it is in mint condition. A very rare table, priced low for what it is.   


24.1282 Oak hunt sideboard with boars head at crest by Alexandre

Elaborately carved oak hunt sideboard with boars head at crest by Alexandre Roux. This massive piece is museum quality. A large game room, entry hall or library is the perfect setting for it.   


7 American Quartersawn Oak Sideboard

Beautiful 7 American quartersawn Oak sideboard. This piece would make a great dining room piece or back bar.   



2 Pc. American turn of the century arts & crafts front and back bar. Executed in oak with inlaid leaf and mother of pearl details, deeply etched and beveled glass, beveled mirror back bar, lights with black marble top. c.1900.    


Museum Quality Oak Griffin Library Table

Museum quality finely detailed oak library table with back to back griffin and center lady and side supports. Dimensions: 51.50" W x 30" H x 35.50" D    



Hunting sideboard with two bent doors in richly carved oak.   



French carved oak armoire; 18th cent, century; molded cornice with carved frieze, centering basket of fruit and flowers, over two paneled doors, on straight legs flanking carved skirt.86X62X20   



Welsh oak corner cupboard; early 19th century; top section with mahogany veneered crown molding and frieze, above astragal glazed doors over cupboard doors opening to reveal shaped shelves, on flat bracket base.86-1/2X51X25-1/4 inches   



Welsh oak dresser; 18th/19th century; molded cornice over open shelves, on server fitted with six drawers and two doors, on molded base with block feet.82-3/4X61-1/2X20 inches   



Continental carved oak vasselier; circa 1880; broken dome pediment centered and flanked by finials, over tiered shelves fronted by spindle galleries and twist turned supports upon plinths of crouching lions with stepped out lower part with two frieze drawers over shelves, with molded base and suppressed bun feet, extensively carved with foliate motifs.108x55 1/5x19 inches   


Oak Jacobean Chest of Drawers

Jacobean chest ; oak; two over four drawers; Queen Anne open work pulls; early 18th century.H53, W45, D23 13   


53.1875 Unusual Louis XV oak Chevel mirror w/dresser

Unusual Louis XV oak Chevel mirror w/dresser and three drawers for storage on each side. This double purpose piece is really great looking and very different than what is available.   


25.1544 Horner Brothers oak sideboard

Horner Brothers oak sideboard with lions, figural carvings and beveled mirror. Very heavy detailed carvings.   


American Carved Oak Corner Display Cabinet c.1884

An American carved oak corner display cabinet; late 19th century; commissioned circa 1884 for the Lazar Levy mansion, 1600 Palmer Ave., New Orleans.H59.5, w51, D27.5   


Set of 10 Carved Oak Leather Dining Chairs

Set of 10 carved oak leather dining chairs with brass buttons; 2 arms and 8 sides; early 20th century.   


Carved English Oak Corner Cupboard

Beautifully carved English oak corner cupboard.H80, w43, D29   


Queen Anne Style Oak Ladderback Side/Dining Chairs

Queen Anne style oak ladderback side/dining chairs; set of 8; round vertical stiles flanking five shaped splats over upholstered seat on turned legs with pad 37 1/2", w20", d 19"   


Set of 6, Oak Queen Anne Style Dining Chairs

Set of 6 Queen Anne style oak dining chairs; early 20th century; each with shaped top rail and back splat; the armchairs with molded arm rest and shaped stiles; a molded and shaped seat rail; rsesting on cabriole legs with pad feet; 2 arm chairs and 4 side chairs.Armchair: H38, W23, D19Sidechair: H37, W19 1/2, D16   


21.119 Unusual Arts & Crafts oak cabinet

Unusual Arts & Crafts oak cabinet with marquetry eagle doors, shelved interior. A rare inlaid Arts and Crafts piece with good style. This is a beautiful cabinet.   


George III Carved Oak Bureau / Desk

George III carved oak bureau; First quarter 19th century; Fall front concealing interior fitted with door, drawers and pigeon holes over two short and three long drawers, on molded base with bracket feet, embellished with oriental motifs of dragons and birds.H 39 1/3 inchesW 31 1/2 inchesD 18 3/8 inches   


Beautiful French Oak Vitrine c. 1890

Beautiful French Oak Vitrine with glass shelves and bronze trim.   


English Oak Server

Beautifully carved English oak server.H54, W51, D22   



English oak side table; 18th century; rectangular form with single drawer, on cabriole legs, with pad feet.28X34X21-1/2 inches   


Set of 6 French Antique Louis XIII Style Dining Chairs

Please Take 50% Off The Featured Price. This is a handsome set of 6 dining chairs made from solid oak by the beginning of the 20th century, each featuring a tall arched seatback standing upon the large seat, both covered by reddish upholstery trimmed with brass nails, all supported by a sturdy pediment consisting of baluster legs and stretchers that provide stability and sturdiness. Fabric is in slight used condition and would need to be replaced. Circa date 1900. Dimensions 44"high/ 19"seat height/ 19"wide/ 17 "deep.   


English Period Country Chippendale oak arm chair c1780

English Period Country Chippendale oak open arm chair with classic pierced splat back, curved arms & newly upholstered slip seat, c. 1780. 25 inches W X 22 inches D X 40 one half inches H. Shipping extra. Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut add 6% state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes,tariffs or customs that might apply. *** If you wish to see examples of similar items we have sold and/or appraised please go to our affiliate site and click the Archives / Homepage logo ***   



Pair of large arrowback oak chairs with black leather seats. These chairs are as beautiful as they are comfortable.    


American Oak washstand.

American antique furniture, antique washstand, American Oak washstand, A great American Oak single drawer washstand with original hardware. w. 34", d. 18", h. 29"Shop Laurel Ridge Antiques for fine American antique furnitue of the 19th Century and great 19th and20th century fine art from around the world.   


Continental Carved Oak Overmantel Mirror

Continental carved oak overmantel mirror; circa 1890; heavy frame carved with scrolling foliage, enclosing beveled looking glass.H 44 1/2 inchesW 35 1/2 inches   



Renaissance style carved oak cupboard in two sections, top crenellated molding with panels over panelled back and sides, lower case with two carved doors(right door is bifold so whole front opens) and shelved interiors heavy wrought iron hinge, mellow dark color. Probably British, late 19th century.   


American Carved Oak Sideboard

American carved oak sideboard; circa 1890; arched backboard with beveled mirror fitted with three shelves and scrolling supports, on lower part having configuration of three drawers and two paneled doors, resting on shaped feet.H73 inchesW47 1/2 inchesD22 inches   


Antique Map Cabinet, Old School House, with 6 Relief Maps. Oak.

Antique oak map cabinet with 6 maps of continents dating back to C.1895. This spectacular piece of old school house furniture has a rectangular paneled cabinet decorated with line engraved scrolls and trade mark for Central School Supply House, Chicago, USA. The side door opens to reveal 6 large raised relief papier-mache maps housed inside. The 6 maps feature North America, Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, and The World, each within oak, egg and dart motif frames. This would once have been part of a larger built-in from an old school room which thankfully was rescued and preserved. The top is a newer addition which just sits on top. There is minor wear throughout the cabinet and the maps do show a lot of wear and age. Also, the map of Europe does have a 5" tear in it. I have tried to show as much as possible in the pictures and as you can see it is still an amazing piece. Dimensions: Cabinet top width 39" Cabinet top depth 20 3/4", cabinet total height 52 1/2". Maps measure approximately 48" x 34". Available to purchase at


Antique carved Oak Chest, 15th Century Gothic.

Large antique heavily carved chest or trunk made from solid oak and dating back to the 15th or 16th century. The front features hand carved knights in battle with different designs to their shields representing the different orders they follow. Each end has a hand forged iron handle and the front has a huge iron lock. The dome top is a later 18th century addition which had been hand made with extra large dove tails. The age and wear to this piece is fantastic and it has developed a wonderful patina. There is wear, splits, dings and losses which are to be expected in a piece this old. It is in extremely sturdy, solid condition and is very heavy. This magnificent, one of a kind, rare find is truly castle worthy and would make a huge statement in any home. Dimensions: width 54", depth 22 3/4", height 25 1/2". Available to purchase at


Antique Carved Chairs, Barley Twist, Oak. Pair. French

Antique pair of heavily carved French side chairs dating back to C.1880. This impressive duo features fabulous hand carved foliage along with barley twist spindles and legs. The seat is upholstered in a rich burgundy and cream fabric which is in great shape. There is minor wear throughout which only adds to their character and charm. They are in solid, sturdy condition and ready to be used and loved once more. Dimensions: width 18", depth 18 1/2", seat height 18 1/2", back height 42". Available to purchase at


Antique China Cabinet, Mahogany & Oak Welsh Dresser, Hutch. Engl

Antique country style china cabinet imported from England and dating back to C.1880. The unique combination of oak and mahogany makes this an elegant piece of furniture with a country feel. The hutch has large antique double glass doors which open to reveal 4 fixed wooden shelves with hooks for hanging cups and jugs. The back is lined with decorative paper which looks like hessian sack or burlap material. The base has 2 drawers above 2 large cupboard doors which open to reveal a rather substantial storage space with a shelf. There is wear throughout but mainly around the base and there is some minor splitting in the doors. I have tried to show as much as possible in the pictures and as you can see it only adds to the character and charm of the piece. This truly is one of a kind, with its shield shaped mahogany door panels and chunky Victorian glass door knobs. It displays a wonderful, worn, rustic patina that only age can bring. This would also make a great bookcase or display case. It is in solid, sturdy condition with age appropriate flaws. Dimensions: width 53", cornice width 56 1/4", depth 19 1/2", height 82 1/2". The Gaudy Welsh pottery pictured inside the hutch is not included. However, it is available to purchase in my shop at


Antique Dining Table, English Oak, Heavily Carved, Victorian.

Fantastic heavily carved dining table, imported from England and dating back to the late 1800's. It stands on 4 chunky, bulbous turned legs with amazing acanthus carving and original castors. The edge of the entire top is hand carved and at some point the top has been refinished to a more natural color allowing the wonderful wood grain, including some tiger oak, to shine through in all it's glory. This gives the table a much lighter, rustic, country feel. The wind out extending mechanism is in good working order and there is one original matching carved leaf. The pictures show the table with the leaf in. There is some minor splitting of the wood planks on top due to age and climate change. There is also some trim missing on the skirt or apron of the table. All of this is shown in the pictures and as you can see it only adds to the character and charm of the piece. This is a heavy solid oak table which is in extremely sturdy, strong condition and has only minimal age appropriate flaws. Dimensions: length 57", extended length 75", width 47", height 28 1/2" Available to purchase at


Antique Oak Welsh Dresser, China Cabinet, Hutch. English.

English antique oak welsh dresser with stained glass door and barley twist legs dating back to C.1900. This rustic, country cottage style piece of antique furniture has an original dark brown finish with a wonderful aged oak wood grain showing through. It has a spacious double door cupboard and shelves with plate grooves above. The cupboard handle is not original but is old and suits the piece well. Carved beading accents the side front edges of the top hutch and rope style beading accents the bottom edge of the base . There is minor wear and dings throughout but nothing serious and in a piece like this it only adds to its character and charm. There is a small crack in the center, red diamond shaped glass but this is hardly noticeable. Over all this piece is in solid sturdy condition with minor age appropriate flaws. Dimensions: width 48", depth 17 3/4", total height 79 1/2". Available to purchase at


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Early 18th Century Oak Chest Of Drawers

An Early 18th Century Oak Chest Of Drawers. Fitted with two short drawers over three long drawers all with geometrically moulded drawer fronts and raised on bracket feet.

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