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Camaro Z-28 vintage Hotwheels

Vintage Hotwheels Camaro Z-28,  made in Hong Kong 1982.  Near mint condition, few minor scuffs.


LE 2500 NE Pez Convention JL Psychedelic Car

Here is a great limited of 2500 psychedelic painted Johnny Lightning Camaro, detailed with PEZ graphics. This car was made exclusively for the 2000 Northeast Pez Convention attendees & registrants only. It is 1/64th scale. It is NOT, and will not be available for sale in any store. Each registrant received this pink one in their convention package. The green ones were available for the registrants to buy, and then for sale on the convention floor. It is mint in the package, and sure to be a hard to find high dollar collectible in the future.