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Vintage Halloween Witch Pez Completed 13.06
pez automaten (pez-frau) Completed 20.56
Speedy Gonzales Pez dispenser Completed 1.35
4 alte pez spender ohne fuß Completed 40.99
Death star Pez dispenser Completed 0.94
top pez spender sammlung Completed 14.98
ALTER PEZ KLICKER Completed 10.28
Three Different Pez Witch Candy Dispensers Completed 6.27
WIZARD OF OZ PEZ DISPENSERS SET OF 8 298682 OF 300000 Completed 12.01
WIZARD OF OZ PEZ DISPENSERS SET OF 8 058256 OF 300000 Completed 12.00
Vintage Horse Pez NO FEET! Pony go round Completed 71.00
Rare Micky Mouse Pez Dispenser Completed 3.25
49ers Vintage License Football Helmet full face/Pez Completed 15.50
Different Vintage Dallas Cowboys Football Player Custom Completed 2.24
pez frog whistle no feet Completed 20.51
pez duck whistle no feet Completed 23.50
Vintage Peter Pan Pez ***VERY RARE NO FEET*** Completed 103.50
Pez - Lamb - No Feet, Rabbit - with Feet Completed 2.52
Pez Dispenser Baseball Glove Bat Home Plate Austria 60s Completed 430.00
PEZ 2 ***Pirat/Seefahrer** selten und alt! Completed 36.83
PEZ 4 ***Entchen Pfeiferl** selten und alt! Completed 25.52
PEZ 5 ***Zorro/Maskenmann** selten und alt! Completed 44.14
PEZ 6 ***Vogel Geier/Vogel Adler** selten und alt! Completed 21.03
PEZ 7 ***Huhn/Hahn** selten und alt! Completed 12.09
PEZ 8 ***Schweinderl/Frau Schwein** selten und alt! Completed 18.87
PEZ 9 ***Pocahontas/Indianerjunge** selten und alt! Completed 3.08
PEZ 10 ***Blauer Elefant mit Hut** selten und alt! Completed 12.36
PEZ 11 ***Eierschale mit Huhn** selten und alt! Completed 40.58
PEZ 12 ***Gelber Hund PIF** selten und alt! Completed 60.77
PEZ 13 ***Blauer Bär/Balu** selten und alt! Completed 19.96
PEZ 14 ***50 Pez Köpfe Riesensammlung** selten und alt! Completed 55.63
Pez 15 ***Pistole rot/schwarz*** selten und alt! Completed 12.71
Pez 16 ***Pistole rot/weiss*** selten und alt! Completed 30.84
HUGE Mixed/Assorted PEZ DISPENSER Collection LOT (42) Completed 31.00
Vintage Mickey Mouse Pez (No Feet) L@@K!! Completed 5.50
NEW Star Trek TOS The Original Series Pez Dispenser Completed 7.03
pez gatheringpack Completed 31.00
Vintage old Disney Mickey Pez dispenser yellow no feet Completed 8.00
Pez Bubble Gum Dispenser in Package Myrtle the Turtle Completed 5.00
70+ Pez lot Disney Simpsons Fuzzy Pen (Truck No Feet) Completed 15.51
PEZ Spender eBay Österreich 1996 Completed 26.12
5 Tom and Jerry W/Body Part Pez Dispenser Europe M.O.C Completed 7.01
Sehr alter PEZ Spender Popeye mit Hut ohne Fuß Completed 21.10
Sehr alter PEZ Spender Pinocchio ohne Fuß Completed 58.38
Sehr alter PEZ Kleiner Wolf ohne Fuß Completed 16.33
Sehr alter PEZ Popeye mit Kappe ohne Fuß Completed 36.89
FUNKY FACES PEZ- Almost complete set- 60 dispensers Completed 76.00
Sehr alter PEZ Coyote - sehr seltenes grünes Gesicht !! Completed 31.90
Sehr alter PEZ Bambi mit dünnem Fuß Completed 12.15
Sehr alter PEZ Schweinchen ohne Fuß Completed 18.44
Sehr alter PEZ Donald ohne Fuß Made in Yugoslavia Completed 10.00
Sehr alter PEZ Foghorn Leghorn mit dünnem Fuß Completed 39.91
PEZ Goofy mit sehr seltenem WEISSEN Gesicht !!!! Completed 109.02
Sehr alter PEZ King Louie mit dünnem Fuß Completed 19.82
Sehr alter PEZ Donald mit Die Cut Stem Completed 41.59
pez BLACK hand with eye no feet super rare vintage Completed 306.01
pez green regular no feet super rare vintage Completed 51.99
Seltener PEZ Spender Crystal Ebay Heart - gelb Completed 10.28
Seltener PEZ Spender Crystal Ebay Heart - grün Completed 7.86
Seltener PEZ Spender Crystal Ebay Heart - blau Completed 12.21
Seltener PEZ Spender Crystal Ebay Heart - rot Completed 13.42
Seltener PEZ Spender Ebay Heart -Glow in the Dark Completed 31.50
Alter PEZ Spike mit sehr seltenem DUNKELGRÜNEM Gesicht! Completed 198.34
Sehr alter PEZ Spender Cool Cat mit dünnem Fuß Completed 30.45
Pez Dispensers Lot of 84 Completed 10.50
100x INNOCENTI MINI COOPER - PEZ /GRISONI - SCALE 1/72 Completed 103.32
Carrie Underwood autographed CD and Pez dispenser Completed 28.00
pez no feet mimic the monkey Completed 76.13
pez no feet monkey sailor Completed 24.06
pez no feet cow "a" Completed 53.00
pez no feet cockatoo Completed 38.80
pez no feet giraffe Completed 110.69
pez no feet pony go round Completed 43.88
pez no feet big top elephant Completed 41.58
pez no feet li l lion Completed 34.33
pez no feet maharajah Completed 38.88
pez no feet duck with flower Completed 35.55
pez no feet chick with hat Completed 23.49
pez no feet mr ugly Completed 54.33
pez no feet clown w collar Completed 37.90
pez no feet captain Completed 38.00
pez no feet jerry Completed 14.50
pez no feet tyke Completed 17.88
pez no feet goofy Completed 14.50
pez no feet tom Completed 16.50
pez no feet popeye Completed 41.00
pez no feet fat ear easter bunny Completed 22.50
pez no feet Frankenstein Pez Completed 44.00
pez no feet cocoa marsh Completed 92.88
pez no feet wolfman Pez Completed 243.50
pez no feet soft head super hero penguin Completed 129.50
pez no feet roar the lion Completed 77.01
pez no feet soft head super hero joker Completed 123.73
pez no feet soft head super hero batgirl Completed 140.07
pez no feet regular Completed 55.45
Vintage Pez~ Lil Bad Wolf~ No Feet Completed 17.25
pez no feet sheik Completed 45.44
pez no feet rooster Completed 21.38
pez no feet long face clown Completed 77.93

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