Paper Dolls

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Dolls from the Land of Mother Goose

Paper Doll Book Dolls from the Land of Mother Goose cut outs Lois Lenski 1918 Platt and Nourse Co. Inc. 12 1/4 by 10 1/2 inches, the book has some wear and is taped at the binding the doll was put together and 2 pages are cut and the clothing is missing. This is a wonderful early book, but does have some wear.    


Schoenhut Sleep Eye Character Doll

Schoenhut Sleep Eye Character Doll. The doll is 17 inches with brown sleep eyes. The doll has an open mouth and two molded teeth and tongue. The doll has the original wig still nailed on. The decal label is on the back of the torso. The doll is in excellent condition with a small nose rub. The doll has no restoration or repainting or repairs. The doll is wearing the original union suit under a Schoenhut style stripe homespun pant outfit. The doll is a rarer sleep eye character doll.    


Mason and Taylor Wood Doll

Mason and Taylor Wood Doll from Springfield Vermont. The doll is an all wooden doll 12 inches with all the orignal parts. She has wood cup hands, and metal boots, the doll has a movable head with molded hair and painted features. The doll has wear that is typical to these dolls, she is wearing a green taffeta dress with layers of ruffles and lace trim with a slip and pantaloons. The dress is original to the doll possibly made by the original owner, 1870s   


Paper Dolls Set,1957, Disneys Mouseketeers

Paper Dolls Paper Dolls Pair Set of Disneys Mousketeers youngest, Cubby and Karen with outfits. This very hard to find set is just great with the two at 8 3/4 inches high and both dolls do have some bends but look great. They come with the outfits shown and we were advise that this set is from 1957. A rare, as found set.   


Paper Dolls: Early Historical Rarities to Popular Culture Editio

Book Collector Bookstore is a retailer of new books located in Leavenworth, Kansas. We specialize in price guides and reference books for the antiques and collectibles industry. From early historical rarities so precious many collectors have not known of their existence, to popular culture icons, the paper doll collection of Shirley Fischer reflects the ardent pursuit of a passionate and intelligent collector. Shirley Fischer of Sylvania, Ohio was so distinguished in the paper doll field that in 2004, having collected paper dolls most of her adult life, she befittingly received the special award of Distinguished Paper Doll Ambassador at the annual Paper Doll Convention. This collection spans 150 years, from 1790 through the 1940s. It is likely that few collections exist today with the extent of early historical rarities as the Fischer Collection. The collection includes early dolls from Germany, France and England and virtually all of the early American paper There are, in fact, over 350 lots in the catalog, including many paper dolls to be sold in lots, giving opportunity to connoisseur collectors, novices and paper doll and ephemera dealers, as well as traditional doll collectors who have learned the value of paper dolls as costume study. Over 400 color photographs.   


1972 Walt Disney Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls

1972 Walt Disney Alice in Wonderland Paper DollsBox is excellent. The doll is there with her plastic stand and a large quantity of clothes - all of which is VG   


Vintage JFK & Family Paper Dolls, Mint. Paper

Vintage JFK & Family Paper Dolls, Mint. Paper dolls book, to cut out, with dresses and figures in full color. 16 plates including Jackie, Caroline, and John John. Includes clothing they wore at the time and some of the gorgeous gowns this First Lady wore during JFKs Presidency in the 1960s. The Camelot family we all remember!   


Vogue Get Well Hugs Vintage Repro Ginny Doll 2011

Vogue Vintage Reproduction Ginny Doll 2011 Vogue 7.5 inch hard plastic Vintage Reproduction Get Well Hugs Ginny doll, No. 10SL100, from the Vintage Diana Vining-designed greeting card collection, has a blonde wig styled in double ponytails with ringlet curls tied with pink velvet ribbons, moving blue eyes, and painted lashes. She is wearing pink, yellow, and green floral print on white pajamas and green fluffy bedroom slippers. Accessories include a white pillow with a pink floral print and pink rick-rack and a Get Well Hugs note card with a Ginny paper doll. Limited edition of 350. This item has a 2010 stock no. but it was introduced in the 2011 catalog. New, mint-in-the-box with doll-sized comb and brush and certificate.   


German Doll House Doll all original

Unusual Doll House Size Doll. She is 7 inches and is all original. Made in Germany She is bisque with the head attached to the upper torso, the lower torso is cloth and she has bisque lower legs with brown painted molded heeled boots. She has full bisque jointed arms, the tip of the fingers on the left hand had a chip and were restored. The dress is silk and does show some melting from age, the slip is crepe paper and the arms are covered with crepe paper, there is also a cardboard cone as a slip so the doll stands on her own. She has the original mohair wig, hat and umbrella. She his a beautiful all original doll she may have been a party favor.    


Rare Black Paper Mache Doll Motschmann body

Rare Black Paper Mache doll with Motschmann body 15 inches tall. This is a rare doll with a molded paper mache head with black set glass eyes and molded hair. Made around 1850-1860. The body has the floating joints, and paper mache lower torso with the voice mechanism. The lower legs and arms are wood, the cloth that is attaching the arms in place has been replaced all limbs are original. The doll is wearing clothing that appears original a white cotton dress, slips and pantaloons. The paper mache is in very good condition with a small repair at the side seam of the head below the ears. There is also a few minor cracks in the paper mache. The is a rare very early paper mache doll.    


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