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Paper Dolls: Early Historical Rarities to Popular Culture Editio

Book Collector Bookstore is a retailer of new books located in Leavenworth, Kansas. We specialize in price guides and reference books for the antiques and collectibles industry. From early historical rarities so precious many collectors have not known of their existence, to popular culture icons, the paper doll collection of Shirley Fischer reflects the ardent pursuit of a passionate and intelligent collector. Shirley Fischer of Sylvania, Ohio was so distinguished in the paper doll field that in 2004, having collected paper dolls most of her adult life, she befittingly received the special award of Distinguished Paper Doll Ambassador at the annual Paper Doll Convention. This collection spans 150 years, from 1790 through the 1940s. It is likely that few collections exist today with the extent of early historical rarities as the Fischer Collection. The collection includes early dolls from Germany, France and England and virtually all of the early American paper There are, in fact, over 350 lots in the catalog, including many paper dolls to be sold in lots, giving opportunity to connoisseur collectors, novices and paper doll and ephemera dealers, as well as traditional doll collectors who have learned the value of paper dolls as costume study. Over 400 color photographs.   


Effanbee Black American Doll

Black Americana at its best. Beautiful Black American girl doll. Just 9 1/2" tall. I am 96% sure she is Effanbee.This is a rare size for a Black American doll. Sdoll baby size, not of this stature. The only other small black dolls Ive seen in 20 years were soft, cloth stuffed, firm body, attached legs & arms. Pink satin panties & crinolin under a pink poodle skirt so popular in the 50s. She looks as though her life was spent tucked away somewhere, she is spotless. The doll, more than a toy, a token of love from a mother to a child. SHI $12 Black memorabilia doll toys dolls Black Americana   


Black Americana 14" English Golliwog

Black Americana 14" English Golliwog doll. In very godd condition. A true Golliwog, button eyes, felt nose & lips. The Golliwogs costume is always a suit with blue jacket, stripe pants and very short hair! Awesome condition! Ships for$10 Black Americana Black Memorabilia doll dolls   


Black American Rag Doll

Black Americana ragdoll made to resemble Raggedy Ann. Hand crafted 20" tall, she came with two other Black American ragdolls from the 40s and 50s. I think her age is more likely late 50s, possibly early 60s. Her features are painted on, she has thumbs, attached limbs. Black American doll dolls Black memorabilia   


Black Americana Rag Doll

Black Memorabilia 24" Rag Doll. Black American Folk Art. Late 1940s or early 1950s. Attached & arms. Knees are stitched to allow her to sit on a shelf or dresser. Her feet are pink, slightly soiled. Felt features, navy blue not black yarn, an unusual twist.SHIPS FOR $25.due to large box requirement.If not that much will refund the difference if over $3 Her clothes are also machine stitiched, I suspect her white bloomers are a later addition. She was made to resemble Raggedy Ann & her Black American friend Belindy. My guess is she was stuffed with rags as there is an occasional bumpy feel. She is a lovable doll that can still be played with or displayed. Any little girl will love her. lack American Black Memorabilia doll dolls ragdolls Black American doll   


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