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Phinney Walker wall clock mystery type mechanical

10inch dia wall mount brass & steel wind up clock, marked on back, Made exclusively for Phinney Walker in Germany. working well, paint is in fine condition with no losses, brass has minor tarnish.Little is known of maker, but they were in business in NY in the teens thru 60s.Great Retro look to this clock at a time when electric clocks ruled. A fine example of the end of an era.   


Sessions Clock, Alabaster Case

Alabaster This clock movement was produced by the Sessions Clock Co. Electric 110 V. Stands 5.5 in. tall, Measures 7 in. wide by 4 in. deep. In good, running order. Keeps accurate time. It has a red second hand and the numerals are goldtone with a black center. Attractive. I find no damage. Display and use this one with pride. Case is of Alabaster, marble?    


Oak Pendulum Chiming Wall Clock

Clock A beautiful custom made wall clock made to the specifications of a California couple who wanted a particular style oak cased clock in the 1980s. It was made by a local clockmaker, who used antique parts to replicate an old fashioned pendulum clock. This is a wind up clock, not electric or battery operated. It has reconditioned antique parts and is in good working order. It has a two toned bell that chimes the hour and half hours. I believe it is an 8 day movement but not positive.    


Antique 1935 Annular Wind Up Clock by Lux 2128

If you are looking for an unusual clock, youve found it for sure. This style of clock is called an annular clock. It has what looks like a tape measure band around the clock except that the numerals are the time of day. There is an indicator on the clock telling the time of day. The band of numerals is mounted to the top half of the clock and as the top half rotates and the indicator on the bottom half stays stationary, you can tell the time and watch it as it passes by the indicator. This clock was designed by Mr. Lux, the famous clock movement maker. He designed lots of most unusual clocks and must have had a lot of fun doing so. This clock is operating wonderfully and keeps accurate time. It is a one-day windup clock via the winding key on the bottom of the clock. The case of the clock is a good condition with only a few wear marks from normal wear. This clock measures 5 inches in diameter at its base and 3 inches tall.    


French Empire bronze and marble shelf clock c1820

Antique French Empire bronze and marble mantel clock "Amour et Gloire". This French Empire bronze and marble shelf clock dates from c1820. This clock has a silk thread movement which runs perfectly. Measures 12 inches wide by 17 inches high and 6 and one half inches deep. Wonderful well cast bronze depicting a allegorical figure. Shipping extra. Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut add 6% state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes,tariffs or customs that might apply.   


Antique 1890s Gingerbread Chiming Clock

The beautiful old clock was made in 1890s. It has an authentic brass clock movement that was made in the USA. The case does not have any name or identification on it so I cannot exactly pinpoint the year of manufacture for this clock. I can only tell by the style of clockworks in the clock. I am pretty sure the dial is not original but that would be really rare for this type of clock. However, the pendulum is gorgeous and appears to be original. The clock case is a smaller style for this type of clock during that era which is great for a mantel clock or parlor clock as it fits in without overbearing attention. The brass movement has been checked and serviced and the clock is running perfectly and keeping good time. This is a chiming/striking clock that counts the hour every hour at the top of the hour. The gong chime is a beautiful and rich tone.The winding key comes the clock and when the mainsprings are fully wound, the clock will run for approximately 8 days which was common on the very early clocks.The clock case is in great condition with the normal wear for being over 100 years. The front door has some reverse artwork in gold. It is a wonderful pattern that enhances the appearance of the clock. The hands appear to be original to this model clock. This clock is a rare find.What really gets my attention about this clock is its very pleasant tic-toc sound. It is wonderful.    


Clock, Welch Clock Co. Chime

wood case, Key Wind A tall, 23.5 in. clock with a wood case, gingerbread type, pressed pattern. Gold decorated glass door over pendulum etc. Chimes on the hour and half hour. This is an 8 day clock. Measures 15.5 in. wide and 4.5 in. depth. Portion of the original label is still attached to the back and reads Welch Mfg. Co. Forestville, Conn. This clock has been keeping perfect time and comes to you in working condition, with key. The clock face shows wear and age but can be easily replaced if desired, or use as is.   


Deco Style Sessions Electric Clock

Deco A vintage art deco styled clock that stands 8 in. tall, 6.5 in. wide and 3.5 in. deep. This clock is in working order. Keeps very good time. Electric 110V. Case is of porcelain with a goldtone leaping gazelle. I find no damage. Just some age rust on the back of the clock case. Some of the felt that was originally applied to the bottom to prevent scratching has come loose and/or deteriorated. This is a beautiful table clock to use and display. Clock movement by Sessions, Made in USA.   


Seth Thomas Steeple Clock w/ key

Clocks and Watches Beautiful, Seth Thomas Steeple Clock in lovely condition marked U.S.A. It is a key wind clock with a pendulum and the key is included. It has such a pretty face with a lovely flower pattern and the bottom of the front has a nice flower design win an oval shape to see the pendulum move inside. The wood case is wonderful with no broken tips and the clock is 15 inches high, 9 inches wide and 4 3/4 inches deep. It works fine but may need some adjustment as we do not know much about clocks. It will be well packed in a large box for protection and will be shipped via dimensional weight to your zip code.   


Bardahl Oil Pam Advertising Clock Face

Bardahl Oil Pam Advertising Clock Face<p>This clock face features AWSUM graphics, of the Bardahl Oil logo. Keep in mind, you are buying the face only. The face measures approxamitely 14 3/4" square. If you are looking to upgrade that plain or damaged face, this is a great one to do it with.It will really enhance your clocks looks. We have a full line of replacement clock parts available, to restore almost any type of old advertising clock...Pam, Telechron, NPI, Cleveland, Double Bubble, Marquee, Neon, Spinners etc. From glass faces, hands, inner & outer glass, neon tubes, motors, to body parts & decals. Look further in this category for listing of parts. If you dont see what you need, feel free to e-mail your needs.    


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