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Deco German Alarm CLOCK

Lovely tiny alarm clock, made what it seems from shiny brass and off white enamel sides, standing on 2 tiny uncommon style feet attached to the - half moon - which can swing all around the clock, which helps to position the clock to various positions , The clock works just fine, US buyer please pay 12.00 for shipping plus insurence,Thank You for looking!2 1/2 x 2 3/4 inches.   


Antique 1905 Waterbury Gingerbread Chiming Clock

The beautiful old clock was made in 1905. It has an authentic Waterbury Clock Company brass clock movement. I am pretty sure the dial is original which is really rare for this type of clock but there is no evidence that it has ever been replaced. The brass movement has been checked and serviced and the clock is running perfectly and keeping good time. This is a chiming/striking clock that counts the hour every hour at the top of the hour. The gong chime is a beautiful and rich tone.The winding key comes the clock and when the mainsprings are fully wound, the clock will run for approximately 30 hours which was common on the very early clocks.The clock case is in great condition with the normal wear for being around over 100 years. There are no broken pieces that I can find. The front door has some reverse artwork in gold. It is a wonderful pattern that enhances the appearance of the clock. The pendulum also appears to be original with the clock--very ornate and beautiful. The hands appear to be original to this model clock. This clock is a rare find.   


Clock, Longfellow, Wind-up, Terry Clock Co.

Key Wind This vintage mantel or kitchen clock is in working order. Stands 19.5 in. tall, 13.5 in. wide and is 4.25 in. deep. Made by the Terry Clock Co. Original gold trimmed glass door, key and pendulum. This clock has a partial label still on the back stating One Day Strike. It strikes on the hour. Best information I could find doing an internet search would make this from the early 1920s. Finish is still good on the case but the face of the clock shows its years.Displays and runs well.   


Vintage Black Forest Hand Carved Cuckoo Clock 1624

This is an older clock but in pristine condition and appears to have hardly been used at all. The clock has a one-day movement from the famous REGULA brass West German clock movement company. The clock is operating beautifully, keeping good time and chirping the cuckoo sound on the hour with the hour count. The Cuckoo also sounds off once on the half hour. If you ever wanted a Black Forest hand carved cuckoo clock that is small in size and yet has all the features of the larger cuckoo clocks, you can have this one sent to your house at a very reasonable price.The clock measures 15 inches to the bottom of the pendulum stick (10 inches from top of bird beak to bottom of clock case oak leaf), 7 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep.   



A fabulous cast iron mantle clock that is black enamelled with gilt/gold decoration. In working order. Trademark for the Ansonia clock co. on the face. Measures 13 x 4.5 in. and is 11 in. tall. Chimes on the hour and half hour. This will be a standout addition to your home.    



Beautiful old Cathedral style mantle piece clock, Made from what it seems solid oak wood by Session Clock Co.Forestville Conn, USA, please see our images - it comes in original condition with few scufs etc. but still loks VERY GOOD considering age,The clock works just fine and the key is included,it stands abot 13 1/4 inches X 8 inches X 4 inches. US buyer please pay for this item via Money Order and about 28.00 for shipping (it is heavy) plus.Thank You for looking!   


Fabulous Old French Brass Carriage Clock

a fabulous and old Brass French wind up carriage clock with a key, which I have just had overhauled and is in perfect running order, and keeps accurate time. All the glass sides and the top of the clock are bevelled glass. I think the clock is from the late 1800s, and it is at least a 7 day clock. It is 4 1/4 inches tall (not counting the handle) and 3 1/4 inches wide.   


Bulova wood Case clock

This large clock in a wood case measures 17.5 in. tall, 16 in. wide and 4.25 in. depth. Marked Bulova, Observatory time. serial # 262720 Model S-T-1 Inertia motor, Start by hand. 110 V. This clock runs sporadically. Perhaps just needs a cleaning and oiling.    



An attractive mantel clock that is battery powered. Produced sometime in the 70s -90s era. In working order. Stands 6.5 in. tall and is 4 x 2 in. wide. Silver finish, heavy metal. Marked Timeworks Inc. Clock Co. Berkeley California. This is a Replica of a 1906 model.   



This clock, produced by the United Clock Co. is 10 in. diameter. It has an 18 in. metal chain. Operates on 115 volt. Model 370. In good, working order. Shiny chrome finish.    


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