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Lure Flatfish Helin Tackle Box Lure Catalog

Flatfish box 4 1/2 in. x 2 in. Age Stained with some missing paper but very legible shows lure on top says Flatfish for casting or trolling US PatNo 203382on tside Helin Tackle Co Detroit Mich. Lid end flap original brown tape, loosened but not torn. Lure crazed, paint barely shows any loss,yellow, red, black, hooks very clean. No rust. In black letters underside LU. Catalog 8in. x 3 1/3 in. 3 folds, age yellowed NO tears. Cover says for casting & trollling, etc send for color catalog 1945 edition. Inside shows different size bodies, colors available & very long article on the flatfish.(T997-E351) lures   


Shur Strike Minnows: The History, Models & Colors of Creek Chubs

Book Collector Bookstore is a retailer of new books located in Leavenworth, Kansas. We specialize in price guides and reference books for the antiques and collectibles industry. Collector Bookstore Notes: This color guide helps collectors identify and price vintage, unmarked Creek Chub Shur Stike Minnows. (Fishing lures) Publishers Full Description: Shur Strike lures have been a very misunderstood production lure. The confusion arises because they were made for retailers to sell, rather than under the name of the manufacturer, Creek Chub. A lot of collectors considered them a "cheap lure," but as the Shur Strike line became more understood over time, collectors have realized that these lures were by no means cheaply made. Whether it was the main Creek Chub line or the Shur Strike line, Creek Chub produced quality lures. Information has always been hard to find on Shur Strike lures. Since Creek Chub did not mark these lures with stencils or engraved lips, it has been difficult for collectors to identify these baits. Hopefully with the contents of this book, collectors will be able to identify and enjoy some of the most colorful and beautifully made lures of their time. 300+ Full Color images   


Heddon River Runt With Box Unused Lure

Fishing lure does not appear to have ever been in the water. Underneath there is a fleck of paint that I dont want to remove, I am sure the collector knows how to do that properly. Not over any lettering.The bottom of the lure is marked Heddon River Runt Spook Sinke. 3 inches. The box is intact, all wording on the box bottom sides completely legible, the bottom where the instructions are is not completely legible. The lid is intact.It is darkened with age, minor paper loss upper right corner over Sp, the corners are slightly rubbed. one end is marked Heddon River Runt 9439XRS.what more could a collector want? Please see our site for more vintage lures, boxes, ads. (T843-E364) fishing   


Jointed Fishing Pikie Minnow Creek Chub Lure

Circa 1929, this is a BIG lure: 8 inches long with a 3-section body, glass eyes, 3 treble hooks, original black, imposing and sinister, excellent condition and highly collectible. Fishing and Hobbies; Pike Minnow; Creek Chub; Fishing Lures; Pike; Muskelonge;   


Fishing Lures Lot of 4 Hula Popper, Creek Chub, Pico,

Lot of four Fishing Lures. Hula Popper in box with papers, Creek Chub Injured Minnow, Fred Arbogast Jitter Bug black Pico Pearch   


Fishing Lures Lot of 4, Creek Chub, Pico, Heddon, Hula

Lot of four fishing lures. Fred Arbpogast Hula Popper in box, Heddon River Runt Spook Floater (never used) Pico Pearch in box, Creek Cub Injured Minnow ( Missing on hook on belly treble, shows rubs and wear)    


Fishing Lures Lot of 4 Creek Chub, Heddon, Arbogast

Lot of four fishing lures. Hula Popper with out tail gig, Fred Arbogast Jitter Bug (Frog color) Heddon River Runt Spoo Floater, Creek Chub Injured Minnow   


Husky Cisco Kid: Oversize Pike Minnow

9-1/2 inches long with 3 enormous treble hooks, black top, white bottom, with heavy metal tongue. The lure has a transparant coating covering fish scales on sides, white on bottom, black trim, black on yellow eyes, red gill marks, weighs 1/4 lb. The tip of the tongue shows normal wear, and one side shows some scoring, probably teeth marks, but otherwise clean. One of the original Husky series, nice vintage lure, circa 1940, excellent collectible, very good condition. Fishing and Hobbies; Fishing Lures; Vintage; Pike; Muskelonge;   


Fishing Lures Lot of 4, Heddon, Cordell, Millsite Thin

Lot of 4 Fishing Lures. Heddon Go Deeper River Runt, Cordell Spot, Millsite Plastic Bait 99 r-1 Floater, Thin Fin Hot n Tot   


Fishing Lures Lot of 4, Brooks, Cordell, ThinFin,

Lot of four fishing lures. Brooks Reefer, Cordell Spot, ThinFin Hot n Tot, Finlandia Uistin Wobbler.    


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