Vintage Comic Books

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Comic Strip Early German ScrapBook

Scrap Book 1855 - 1890 of 19th century comics from Germany. Wilhelm Bush, E. Reinecke, Stolzle, Haider and more. Seventy five page scrapbook of old Victorian comic strips well secured in this antique scrapbook. A large fold up Europe map with countries portrayed as cartoon charachters initial F.B. A rare Historic record of cartooning comics, many animals, dogs, cats, rats, mice, birds, racial black and truly symbolic. Several hundred comics. Great satire. The Servant, a fine wolf ? print Winchester by Nutt and Wells. A botanical characature and amazing color art engraving print of a lady as a flower called The Botanist of C. Tilton Fleet Street printed by G.E. Madeley, Wellinton St. Strand. In pencil reads 1827   


Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four

This hard cover book from Marvel contains Nos. 1-10. It is by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Spine states Vol. 2. Published to celebrate Marvels 25th anniversary. Book has protective covering. Like new.   


Comic Book Sea Hunt Lloyd Bridges Scuba Diving Mike Nelsen ...

Comic Book .Televisions Sea Hunt & Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson popularized Scuba diving more then Captain Cousteau and set the stage for shows such as Flipper      


Character Toys and Collectibles

12063. Book: Character Toys and Collectibles by David Longest. Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books. 1992 Updated Values.176pp. 4to 11.25x8.75. Includes The Family Tree of Character Collectibles; Disney Comic Character Collectibles; Radio Character Collectibles; Comic Character Superstars; Disney Feature Film Collectibles; Puppet Character Collectibles; Space and Super Hero Collectibles; Western Hero Collectibles; and price guide. Laminated hardboard cover. ISBN 0 89145 266 4. $25   


Mickeys Dog Pluto Tall Comic Book 1943

This 1943 Tall Ccomic Book by Whitman Publishing is titled Mickeys Dog Pluto. It is in very good condition with no rips tears or tape. The corners of the cover are slightly worn as shown in pictures, which is just normal wear for a book of this age. The comic strips inside are black and white with 3 pictures per panel. A rare and exciting addition to your Disney collection. Price reduced from $105   



FIGURES 1997 Brain-A-Part #13 PINKY & THE BRAIN :WB COSTUME COLLECTION from the animated series Animaniacs. The Brain is dressed like Napoleon as in: Bonaparte(Brain-A-Part).Dont Groan - Its not my bad joke.... The 2500 Piece Limited Edition Sculpture/Maquette hangs on your wall. Came out of the Closed Warner Bros Studio Stores. $35 OP. Relive those Saturday Mornings & sneaking comic books. Mint Original Box, no certificate. Blessed Holidays.    


BATMAN The Cult - DC comics - #1 MINT 1988

DC comicsThe Cult (Batman)Book one 1988   


Blast Off: Golden Age of Space Toys by: S. Mark Young, Steve Dui

Book Collector Bookstore is a retailer of new books located in Leavenworth, Kansas. We specialize in price guides and reference books for the antiques and collectibles industry. This book fully documents the values and price guides of hundreds of robots and space toys. It also comes with hundreds of specially commissioned color photographs of toys, games, puzzles, play sets, buttons, comics, books, magazines and more. There is also ultra-rare prototypes, catalogs, packaging, and space art. This book is new and in great condition so buy now.   


Marvel Limited 1945 Sub Mariner pewter figurine, MIB

Marvel Limited 1945 Sub Mariner pewter figurine, MIB, COA, LE. This includes the 3D hand crafted sculpture with open book base (all cast together) and the classic first comic book cover in a frame. This is 3.86 Troy Ounces of fine pewter. This is from the Fine Pewter Collector Series, Comic Book Champions by Marvel Comics pewter figurine series No. 2 (Golden Age). This is mint in the original box and never removed and includes Hand Numbered certificate of authenticity with number (see photo 2). This is 1 of 19,997 made in a Limited Edition production release. HISTORY - The Tale Of Pewter: Somewhere between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, a maker of bronze changed his mixture of metals and formulated pewter. Pewter is an ancient formula of tin, antimony and copper, having the look of silver, but a warmer patina which gives it an antique finish while accenting its sculpted detail. Pewter keeps its original, soft appearance through the slow oxidizing process that darkens gently, but does not tarnish or disfigure like silver. This is a collectible figurine and not a toy. This is made by Marvel Comics Limited, 1997. The box is in very good condition. 05FIGS44X7   


The Art of Jack T. Chick by: Kurt Kuersteiner

Book Collector Bookstore is a retailer of new books located in Leavenworth, Kansas. We specialize in price guides and reference books for the antiques and collectibles industry. Combining a witty text with 580 dynamic images, this book plunges readers into the fascinating world of cartoonist Jack T. Chick. In over 40 years, Chick has produced over half a billion small religious pamphlets filled with comic book art and dire warnings against all in society the author deems unholy known as "Chick tracts," along with comic books and newspapers, all designed to "scare hell" out of his readers. The photos display common and rare images from Chicks 170 titles, including both eye-catching cover art and startling interior pages; a fair and balanced text explores the substance of Chicks zealous and/or inflamatory work, in which no group is spared a judgmental examination. A history of Jack T. Chick and his fire and brimstone tracts reveals other graphic artists who have worked with Chick and lists resources available to collectors of their work. Chick literature is reviewed and valued. This book is a must for comic book fans, everyone interested in graphic arts, and anyone who has been exposed to even a single Chick tract.   


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