This is an invitation to submit offers to purchase this gracefully aged, and extremely rare piece of BRUSH-McCOY's legacy of whim and artistry to the world. ORIGINAL 1954 BRUSH McCOY STONE RANCH HOUSE WINDOWSILL PLANTER BOX. 10-1/2" X 5" X 5-1/4" Just received it from original owner 's estate. Breathtaking when planted with carefully trained Bonsai trees in front and mossy "lawn" sculpted with a couple carefully placed stones to emulate a Japanese meditation garden. The plantings have been taken by family and the piece carefully cleaned. EXQUISITE(SITE! Only general and expected overall crazing, and a few minor hairline stress marks on the two end-caps. Overall very solid piece, but obviously should be handled as little as possible and carefully, especially with several pounds of soil and plants added.. It will return the favor with another 75 years of enjoyment, either in your home, or at the office. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH, JUST HOW DIFFICULT A PIECE LIKE THIS IS TO FIND. In my research, I only found 2 even mentioned in the Web, and they were both green. This is the Coral/light brown version. ASIDE FROM WHAT IS MENTIONED ABOVE THERE ARE NO CHIPS, CRACKS or REPAIRS. I'm obviously tempted to sell it to myself, but want to first make it available to the highest bidder among the untold number of of Brush-McCoy devotees around the globe. I have a number in mind as to what I think it's "worth" based on the activity surrounding the mere two past and/or present others offered. Besides the art of Bonsai, this is also an excellent gift for an avid gardener in your life who may be unable to tend to much physical activity outdoors. Careful maintenance and plan selection will allow for wonderful landscaped area without obscuring the beautiful facade of the home. LISTED IN SANFORD'S GUIDE TO BRUSH-MCCOY POTTERY BOOK 1 - P92 SHIPPING COST VARIES WITH BUYER'S LOCATION SHIPPING INSURANCE REQUIRED PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING ALL SALES ARE FINAL THANK YOU Apologies if i've done anything wrong on the listing, I've never posted on here before, but sure will be doing more. I just discovered it recently and signed up to auction today. Keep up the good work.

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