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Fantastic Copper Rooster Weather Vane - Old - Original


On Sale Now... but only for a limited time.PLUS SPECIAL BONUS = FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA...Outside the USA - 30% off shipping costs.Now here’s a fine looking chicken that even the old Kentucky Colonial would have been proud to call his own. I can easily imagine this high stepping Rooster , strutting his stuff around the hen house, while all the girls sat in their nests looking all dreamy eyed. Ok, maybe it is a bit of a stretch, but you have to admit this is a really great looking old copper weathervane. Yes it has some of the typical problems that go along with its age. The solder joint on the front of his back leg has come apart a bit and his front foot isn’t anchored to the cross bar like it was back in his early days. Even the poor old fellow’s tail feathers are a bit loose for a few inches where they are seamed onto his body, but on the plus side, just look how distinguished he’s gotten with age. Not to mention the deep, rich patina that’s formed as time passed on by. In other words, I wouldn’t think it a wise idea to fasten him high up on a roof somewhere without first having him undergo a bit of repair to his hot tin joints, but if your idea of a new home for our old friend falls along lines of a less demanding lifestyle for this grand old bird, he is plenty tough enough to fill the need. Construction = two heavy sheets of copper, formed and matched into a full bodied, hollow figure of a rooster, hot tin soldered together and mounted on a pipe frame by means of soldering. Measurements = 16 wide by 21 tall by 3 thick where largest.Age = No way to be absolutely certain, but judging by his weight and the aging of the copper, he is likely at least 40 to 50 years old. Perhaps more.    

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