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Like Brian Adams said, It was the summer of 69. We were young and restless, we needed to unwind. Those were the days. Anyone who grew up in the 60s knows exactly what I mean. Short shorts. Halter tops, no bras, or panties. No hangups or worries. Free love and rock music were the flags we flew. Hot girls. Hot cars. Hot pants. Hot music and long, long nights with the tin foil pipes and a couple cases of good brew. The Coop was our home. It was our world. Our place to hide out from the local police. If reading this story is one tenth as much fun as it was for me to live it, I promise youll be pissing your pants by the end of chapter one. If the possibility of co-authoring a novel in the tradition of 60s rock and roll sounds like something you could really sink your teeth into, maybe this is your chance. maybe its mine too.Try re-writing a chapter or two of my first run through story. Expand on the scenes. Grow the characters. Add the things that come to your mind as you work on what came from mine. When youre finished, a professional editing company will view the two versions of the same chapter side by side and then give us their honest, strait-forward opinion about how well our two styles blend and whether it is worthwhile for both of us to consider making a commitment to finishing the entire story. The first chapter requires a good faith payment of $500.00. If you opt for a second, that chapters cost drops to $250.00. Choose to continue and youll get the next two chapters for $100.00 each. After that there wont be any doubt whether or not this project is right for you, but even if its not, how much did you spend to attend your latest creative writing classes? This is an experience few have ever had the opportunity to try and who knows where this could lead?    

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