Pez Candy and Licensed Items

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Pez Pops box with Pez dispensers pictured on all sides of box.  These were boxes for popsicles that were sold in 2000 licensed by Pez, great graphics all around box.  Includes mint in cello bag Pez that originally came in the box(assortment varies).  Mint condition.


Pez Advertisement in Comic Book

DC comic book, Justice League of America No. 186, featuring half page Pez advertisement inside. Excellent condition, very small tear at top of page.  Other comics containing same advertisement available, please inquire.  When ordering please specify which comic book you'd like in the Paypal notes section .


Pez Popcorn Set

Set of four flavored Pez Popcorn boxes.  Mint original.


Pez Johnny Lighting Car - Spaceman

Special edition Johnny Lighting car featuring Pez Spaceman.  Mint condition on original card.


Pez Johnny Lighting Car - Uncle Sam

Special edtion Johnny Lighting car featuring Uncle Sam Pez.  Mint condition in original package.


Pez Candy Look a Likes - 3 German Packs

Three look a like Pez candy packs made in Germany.  These peppermint candy Pez knock offs are almost the same size, but are a bit wider and will not fit in a Pez dispenser.  German advertising on package.


Pez Candy COLA Multipack

The new American Pez Cola flavor candy multipack.


PEZ Tin Clicker - Vintage

Vintage tin PEZ clicker in the shape of the clasic Pez peppermint candy pack.  Enameled tin in near mint condition, some minor rust spots on bottom unpainted portion of clicker (see picture), appoximately 2 inches long.  Marked U.S. Zone Germany (circa 1947 - 1952).


Pez Yummy Bubbles - Peter Pez

Pez Yummy Bubbles featuring Peter Pez, dispenses edible flavored bubbles.  Mint condition on original card.


Pez Yummy Bubbles - Panda

Pez Yummy Bubbles featuring Panda, dispenses edible flavored bubbles.  Mint condition on original card.


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