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Early Shurebite Frog Fishing Lure w/Box

Nice early Shurebite Frog Fishing Lure. Lure comes with its original box and was made by Shurebite, Inc. Bronson, Michigan. Im guessing Lure is from the 1950s to early 60s. Lure itself appears to be in good condition. Some light wear to the wood top portion but Lure does not appear to have been used. The end of the Box lid does have a couple punctures in it and the top lid has in ink writing #250. Lure would make a fine addition to any Vintage Fishing collection. Buyer to pay shipping & insurance.    


Fishing Lure Panatella by South Bend

Fishing Lure by South Bend a Panatella fishing lure. Red and white (now creamy) paint with tack eye. Three sets of hooks, sislver propellor.The paint is crazed & stained in some areas. 3 3/4 inches wooden lure. The panatella minnow was made (1912-1942) Red white paint tack eye. Fishing lure   


Heddon 4in Dowagic Crab Wiggler Fishing Lure

Heddon 4 in Dowagesic Crab Wiggler Fishing Lure. Patented 1916 wooden lure has seen some action. Original yellow paint has cracks in the paint & some dings. The biggest ding is approximately 1/2inch x 1/8th inch on the bottom between the two hooks! It looks like a really big one that got away after biting the lure. On the collar it is etched Heddon Dowagic. SHIPS FOR $4.95 AND $1.75 INSURANCE (T1306- E402)Glass Eye. 2 treblers.    


Collection of 25 Vintage Fishing Lures

Collection of 25 Vintage Fishing Lures. It includes lures that may be made of wood, formed sheet metal, plastic, animal hair, metal solids, and rubber (some are combined). Please see several 24 bit scanned images for detail close up looks. The metal wire hooks and staffs have some minor accumulations of rust/corrosion on them. 05PDP110   


Jointed Lure: Creek Chub Pikie Minnow

Circa 1930. Three section body, 8-1/4 inches long with glass eyes, 3 huge treble hooks. Original yellow with black stripes and a bright red underlip, tongue is undamaged with only normal wear. A stunning vintage lure with some genuine battle scars, especially at the back end where big fish have hit it, but the lure itself is undamaged and these only add to its allure. Weight 2 oz, excellent condition. Fishing and Hobbies; Fishing Lures; Vintage; Pike; Muskelonge;   


Heddon Crazy Crawler

Heddon Crazy Crawler 2 1/2 in. Wood Fishing Lure in good condition. Small amount of paint missing on dark green on top and bettween the red and yellow / black circular eyes. The patent number is inscribed on one silver wing. The name Heddon Crazzy Crawler is stamped on the bottom above the lure near the end of the head. Minimal rust on hooks, 3 trebles. cat series 2100 Patent 1677176 crazing appropriate for age and use. In display condition or for use. (T1309-E401) Heddon wood fishing lure   


Fishing Lures shadow box with drawer . . .

Fishing Lures shadow box with drawer . . . This will make a great gift for the fisherman in your life. The shadow box with drawer measures 10 inches wide by 7 inches deep and about 6 inches tall. The enclosed glass display feature 2 wooden lures and line a fly and ads for the hilderbrandt spinner, the Heddons Dowagiac crab wiggler and the Heddons new Spook The box is Outings. The drawer is 8 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches. It is in good condition with only minor flea bites on the edge of the frame   


Heddon Super Zonic Lure

Heddon Super Zonic Lure--This lure measures 2 inches long and is in good condition   


Helin Fish Cake U20 Fishing Lure

Nice scarce Helin Fish Cake U20 fishing lure. Signed U20 on the top. 3-1/2" long. Very Good+ condition   


Helin Fish Cake J20 Fishing Lure

Nice scarce Helin Fish Cake J20 fishing lure. Signed J20 on the top. 3-1/2" long. Very Good condition.   


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