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(Antique Folding Knife)


Antique Folding Knife

Sterling/mother of pearl folding pocket knife, 2 blades, good condition. In our immediate family for at least 60 years and was reportedly carried by a Rough Rider ( however NO documentation for this exists). Has been boxed for 60+ years and was owned by another relative prior to that. It is not tarnished as it may appear in the dark photo. It appears to be an English knife circa 1850, made by Samuel Wragg. The words on the blades say S. Wragg, No. 40, Turkey Hill, and the last line is too deep into the knife to be able to read it. Blade's Guide to Knives shows 2 almost identical ones on pgs 211 and 212 photos. The head of it is a horses head with anchor and wheel. Would appreciate knowing the value, we would like to sell it somewhere. Thank you for any info/advice.
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