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("ACME GLORY" The Wehrle Co. RUSTIC & GLORY NO. 21)



I think this stove dates back to the 1890's? Its very ornate with a finial on top. It has a grate that swings out to reveal a stove eye; which we have the handle to. Its got a front and side door. Its got the foot rest that hooks in the front. We think it can be used to burn wood or coal either one. This stove has been sitting in the basement of my neighbors house. He was going to haul it to the trash dump! He gladly gave it to me so he didn't have to load it on his truck. I have been looking nearly two months now for one to compare it to. I can't find another one like it. I'm just curious as to the worth of it. Its the most beautiful stove I've ever seen. There is a similar one listed on eBay right now but its no.23. Mine is no.21. The buy it now price on the no. 23 is over $4000! As far as the working condition of the stove, it's going to take some work to get it safe for burning. The handle on the door in what I consider to be the front of the stove, has been replaced with a bolt. And the mica sheet or "isinglass" needs replacing as well. Besides that it just needs a good vacuuming out and polish job. The fire brick are all in there and as far as I can tell all the parts that are suppose to be with it are there. I think this would be a desirable stove to serve as just a decoration due to the detail of the designs and the stove not being too large in size. It would be very helpful to know what kind of value you guys would put on this thing in working or non working condition. Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to read all this even if you don't answer back I appreciate your time. Thanks!! ~Crystal~
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