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(Antique Westinghouse Sm X-Ray Diagnostic Viewer - PFX Fluorovue)


Antique Westinghouse Sm X-Ray Diagnostic Viewer - PFX Fluorovue

This antique Westinghouse portable X-Ray viewing medical device was used for small chest studies approximately 60 + years ago. The Fluorovue reads 70 and 35 mm photofluorograms. The "Cold" cathode light is in working condition (picture #3) and the back winder/roller is present. The well made customized case with blue velvet-like lining was specifically designed for non movement while transporting this medical device. There is a place for the back winder/roller to rest on that can be secured with the attached bow nuts. I'm sure this customized case is the reason that the Fluorovue is in such great shape. The case also in great condition with metal clasping latches that securely close and metal protectors on every corner. The durable handle totally and easily supports the weight for transportation. The exact size of the case is: 17"H x 13"W x 9 1/2"D. The actual weight including the case is 40 lbs. There is no film or x-rays included with this item.
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