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(vintage V Buesche Girod musical alarm clock)


vintage V Buesche Girod musical alarm clock

I have a V. Buesche Girls musical alarm clock that is about as round as a quarter and about 3/4" thick. It has 2 little dials at the 5 and 7 on the lower part of the clock. The one on the 5 has an S and the one on the 7 has an M. The back has BG perforated in the case with little pin size holes right above the wind handle. I believe that it dates in between 1953 and 1960. It still works great music and all. The wind up handle has no problem winding up and the S and M dials pull out and turn with ease. The clock has a few little scratches and has a little ageing on it but is still in really good condition for its age. I haven't cleaned it because an antique collector told me it would depreciate the value so I've left it as is. This clock has a gold background and is wrapped in some sort of shinny black material that has a pattern of 2 birds kissing and then a club like 3 of clubs club. From my inspection this clock is very solid and durable and was put together with intent to last. A very nice clock. How much is this clock worth and can you shed more knowledge of it to me?
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