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(Dixie Oven)


Dixie Oven

I recently started cleaning old our old farm house on our property and the stove that is in the house was in working order 25+ years ago when there was occupants in the home. I know that it is a Dixie brand. Has 4 burners and 4 oven doors-1 with glass. I am not sure of the age as we have not pulled it out of the kitchen-as it is still hooked up. It is a very beautiful stove, but could use a good cleaning. I have no interest in keeping it to restore to use, but would like to know if it is worth anything in its current condition. I do have pictures, but could not get them to upload. I can be reached via text/call 314-608-8932 and can send photos that way. Our home recently flooded-go figure it would be our home and not the 100+yr old farm house (I still would have been devistated if it had!)-and need to not only make room for our possessions to store in the farm house, but it also would be nice to sell to go towards repairs.
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