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(1950's or older, Brass Egyptian Wall Hanging)


1950's or older, Brass Egyptian Wall Hanging

This Wall hanging is about 24 inches in diameter made of heavy brass with intricate etching around it. I was told it was a gift to the American Ambassador from the Egyptian Ambassador upon his retirement in the 1950's. The artist signed it in Egyptian on the back. We tried to get a good picture of this but what I can see it's Ji^3 (J I v(that is going the other way) and a letter that looks like 3. Name might be translated as (Rash)when I went out to Egyptian translation letters site. It is in excellent condition. the etching are extremely detailed with hieroglyphics and symbolism. It has 7 circles (six cirlces and one center circle). I have tried to find others like this piece but haven't been successful. It seems to be one of kind piece of artwork.
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