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(Unopened Pure Old Rye Whiskey Monogram 1860 Bottle)

Unopened Pure Old Rye Whiskey Monogram 1860 Bottle

PURCHASED: FROM M. E. BELLOWS' SON, AGENT & IMPORTER OF WINES, SPIRITS & CO., 77 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK The bottle is square with beveled edges [see the photos]. It has been in my family since the bottle was purchased in the 1800s. My family lived in New York City. I grew up with a family trunk that is handmade from solid oak planks that contained all of the family heirlooms. Many items from the Civil War and the Spanish American War. This bottle and a spy glass are two of the things I inherited. I have been told many different things about the value of this bottle. Bonhams in New York City is interested in auctioning it. I am concerned about doing so without know more about the value of the bottle. I need to educate myself first before I could consider selling it. Please, can you help me?
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