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(Handmade metal & brass ( I believe ) spittoon I think)


Handmade metal & brass ( I believe ) spittoon I think

This is a handmade object consisting of 2 different types of metal. The first one forms the entire lower half . The neck is made of the other metal from where the neck and the body are joined. It looks to be brazed using brass rods and heat. The object is made of a very hard type of metal and I am unable to hit it or press it with my hands to make a dent. I believe I could stand on it, or drop it from 6 foot tall and there woouldn't leave much more than just minor scratches. The brass looking metal joins the other metal with joinery similar to the way a puzzle pieces join together. I am not sure how it happend or when it happened but the bottom was beaten until it caved in making a somewhat flat spot on the bottom . I assume so that it can be sat on the ground so it doesnt fall over. It is 155mm tall, 115mm wide side to side, and 110mm front to back. The neck is 60mm outside, 35mm inside the hole side to side.It is 13mm thick from inside hole to the outside of the hole. The neck is 40mm around. The little tabs that connects the two different pieces are 7-10mm long.
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