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(sier and bras candetandholder)


sier and bras candetandholder

I have what appears to be a candleholder/stand made of silver and what seems to be brass. very heavy - 5 parts held together by a central tube. This item has four different markings stamped into the base.From left to right in order. stamp no. 1 is an unidentified mark. I have no idea what it is, but it is fairly clear and sharp. stamp no. 2 is the word mauriatius inside an oval with a small crown over the word mauriatius. stamp no. 3 is the #84 inside a rectangle.Last is made in italy inside another rectangle. Strange thing is I can't seem to find anything similar in appearance. I also can't find any of the stamps on any other silver items on the net. some are close but lettering style is unique. And I can't find anything even remotely resembling the first mark at all. Help me out folks! If this is a significant item I'd like to see it in the proper hands. sincerely mike
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