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Antique racing wagon..homemade from a crate, has a long tongue that the wagon handle is attached to..looks like a soap box racer except it has a wagon handle, it has wooden spoke wheels with old rubber. From talking to the person we bought it from we believe it dates back to the late 1800's. I have not been able to find anything even similar to it..I just believe it is very rare and I would like to know the you can help it would be greatly appreciated..

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Wow, great antique toy! When I first saw it, it reminded me of a soap box racer, but they started in Akron OH in the 1930s. I believe your antique toy racer is older. Antique soap box racers from the 1930s can sell up to $1800 dollars. I believe your antique toy racing wagon is worth around $800-1200 dollars to the right buyer. If you find a buyer, feel them out about how excited they are and then start the negotiation high. You can always go down from there.

I hope this information helps and thanks for sharing. Your racing wagon is a great example of American history and a wonderful antique. Any toy car collector would love to have it in their collection.

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