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Submitted by: Carolyn
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Please Help Me I have (4) four Late 1800`s German Tobacco Pipes,they all haave workable hinges-metal-dome wind caps. All have looks like hand-painted porcelain bowls with different scenery of deer on edge of forest earily morning at sunrise. Never been used. Cooling chamber or bottom stand is plain porcelain,the shank is adeep red color wood,with 2 ivory or bone stem conectors with a wood piece between them this is wrapped with twine. Mouthpiece 3 1/2 in. long might be Amber or could be Brair,It`sa brownest red in color. A braided line goes from the mouthpiece to the chamber with 2 tassle looking dice they look original. No brakes, crakes or repairs on any of them, although 2 corks are missing. They all have Originial shipping boxes made of cardboard they came in, this is the best i can discribe them they are really beautiful. Any information that you might be able to share with me would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU for LOOKING at this and your TIME spent. Carolyn

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Hi Carolyn,

Can you supply a photo of the pipes or one of the pipes.

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