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All i know is its an old cooker.

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Hi Ben,

Prior to world war I, horse drawn carts would deliver tanks of kerosene to households across america. These delivery men would sell Perfection stoves and heaters off the sides of their cart.

The heyday for Perfection stove company was from 1916 to the 1950's and your kerosene stove is more likely from the later part of the period. More history about Perfection stove company can be found here:

Perfection Stove Co. History

Here's a cool advertisement from 1908 showing a kerosene new perfection stove doing the cooking while the housewife reads a magazine:

New perfection 1908 stove Ad

No 61 New Perfection Cooking stove

Perfection 61 table top cooking stove

These kerosene stoves were very common and according to the perfection stove co history page by 1922 there were over 3,000,000 Perfection stoves in American households! Your model 151 New Perfection kerosene cooking stove is worth $50-100 dollars.

Thanks for sharing, these stoves are a part of American history. I had fun reading about them!

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