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Submitted by: sherry
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I have a vintage bedroom set I have recently purchased and I am trying to find out more info on it. I believe it is from the 20s-30s depression era, and I believe it could be what was called "Borax furniture" it is made to look expensive, but I believe that the fronts are actually a print made to look like veneer. The back says M-1839 wal. which tells me it was factory made, all the drawers are dovetailed and all the screws in the mirror are flat head, on the inside you can see all of the nails in the construction of the peice and there are no drawer rails, only 2 old staples that serve as drawer stops. all the peices are on wooden casters. I would love any thoughts on the peice. There was this vanity , headboard and footboard, and a 3 drawer dresser.

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