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Submitted by: Keli
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Hi I am interested in finding out more about these dolls I am selling for a friend on ebay. They come in their own box attached by a string and are bisque material and stand approximately 3 3/4" tall and 1 1/4" wide and each one has its country's original costume. I am uploading photos of one that is stamped "Greek". Would love to know about how old they are and where they originated and possible value.

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Hi Keli,

Your Antique German 3 3/4\\\" Bisque International costume Dolls are worth between $25 to $55. Just depends on how much someone wants to pay to possible complete a set. I would suggest selling them individually and add a buy now price. The original box seems to be in very good condition. That may raise the price some. They were made in Germany around 1930. Your Greek doll just happens to be marked as to which region it represents.

Hope this helps,


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