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Submitted by: Beth
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My parents were given this radio/record player a few years ago when friends moved to a smaller home. The cabinet is approximately 42" high, 38" wide and 17" deep; it's in good condition other than a few scratches o the top surface over the radio. The only identifying numbers I can find are on a label on the back (Stromberg Carlson Radio Receiver No. 935PF). There is another label that shows a diagram of the "Labyrinth sound system". The record player is located on the left hand side, with the radio on the right and a speaker behind the lower door. The radio has buttons that are labeled for various stations (WJR, CKLW, WXYZ, WWJ, WJLB, WJBK) and others that are labeled 45, 49, Phono, Radio, SW and SW. When plugged in, the record player works and the radio lights up and hums but I was unable to actually tune in any stations. I have been unable to find anything similar in the internet searches I have done. Any information you can provide is really appreciated. Thanks so much! BDW! :)

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