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Zenith cd player model vp2000 with 75 movie records. It works beautiful with no problems. would like value so I can sell. Thank you,

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Estimated Value submitted by Becky

Hi Maryann,

Your Zenith CD player vp-2000 with 75 movies is worth between $130 to $150.

The player itself is valued at $20 to $45 in today's market. The movies are the key.

Below are some examples:

Zenith video disc player-vp2000 sold for: $19.99 sold date:11/09/2011

Zenith video disc player sold for: $41.00 sold date:12/06/2012

Zenith video disc player vp200 with remote sold for: $100.00 sold


Zenith vp2000 laserdisc videodisc 80 disc set sold for: $136.00 sold date:03/01/2011

Zenith vp2000 80 disc set b4 laserdisc sold for: $147.55 sold date:03/10/2012

Zenith video disc player vp-2000 with 12 video discs sold for:  $ 124.99 sold date:08/21/2012

Hope this helps,

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