Free Antique Appraisal -- Steven 1800'-1900's? womens vanity ceramic brush and mirror set ?

Submitted by: Michele
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Could be between 1800 -1900s 3 piece womens brush, hand held mirror, and a smaller round mirror. Brush has white brissels with gold triming and on the back a white porclain covering with a simple floral desin. The mirrors are both trimmed in gold with the same porclain. Not sure if there french, Danish, or American I have no clue and need help please and thank you . Michele Rodrigues contact: 774-644-0237

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Estimated Value submitted by Becky

Hi Michele,

Your vanity ceramic brush and mirror set is estimated between $20 and $35. Most sets include the comb. One very similar to the one you described sold in 2008 for $20.50

Below are a few examples of others that have sold or are being auctioned at this time. sold for 20.50 sold for $12.50 asking 24.00 asking 24.95[0]=tags&page=1&q=hand+mirror+brush&ref=related

Hope this helps.Thanks,

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